5 Faves & a Dud: Welcome to the Jungle

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I need to rant for a moment, because my Tuesday did NOT get off to a swimming start. At 4:00a, the smoke alarm outside my bedroom door decided to sing me the song of its people, in the key of “my battery is low”. When I first woke up, I immediately reached for my phone in hopes that someone I had texted the night before would have replied overnight. No red notification bubble. Even worse that I dreamt there WAS a reply waiting for me.

In my moment of cellular letdown, I look up at the top of my screen and wonder why is my phone on 3G and not wifi? I look at the clock. It’s black. As it turned out, the smoke alarm was making noise because the power had gone out.

Guess what happens when the power goes out? I have no heat. The temperature was in the 20s outside because apparently Mother Nature is a belligerently drunk biotch and couldn’t have brought the snow and ice on a day it would have been more welcome, like Christmas. Mind you, it was 63 here on Christmas Eve. I live in NEW ENGLAND.

So, it was 56 degrees in my room. I couldn’t iron, make coffee, or feel my fingers. Then, I go outside to find my car not only covered in snow, but ICE that needs scraping too… and it’s windy windy windy out.

As I said once I got to the office, there are no work-appropriate words to describe what this morning could go and do to itself. Thankfully, by the time CrossFit o’clock rolled around, the day hadn’t gotten any worse. If anything, it was a pleasant surprise that the WOD included 95# power snatches, and I was able to hit them all with no misses. 95lbs is currently my 1RM power snatch, so I guess I’ll have to test again. Win!

Then my friend Jen ate donuts with me after class. Now I’m here ranting to you. Time to chow down on this paleo buffalo chicken and plug onward with lulu’s latest, with pretty blues and greens galore! The power is back on, so I am less annoyed with the world right now.

5 Faves & a Dud – 4/5/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Real Quick Singlet ($58) in rio nights multi/black

This print. THIS PRINT. <3 I’m excited to see it pop up in more styles. Sometimes you just need a loose and fun singlet for when your CRBs get tight and you’re all out of high rise crops to work out in. It helps the fluffy feeling. Pardon my preoccupation with the fluffy feeling, as I have it right now. I mean, I ate THIS for breakfast on Sunday morning:

Favorite #2: Namastay Put Hipster ($18) in kayak & dragonfly

In a kayak, that’s where I’d have liked to be this morning instead of scraping the ice off my windshield. At least yesterday I got lucky and the landscaper clearing the snow from the sidewalk with a leaf blower (?!) was 2 doors down and nicely offered to just blow the car clean. THANK YOU nice landscaper gent! 🙂

I want ALL THE COLORS of this underwear. Why must it be so expensive?! 🙁

OH and there’s a new color in this lineup, faded zap. Looks like a lighter version of last year’s clear mint. Wondering if it will be released in the core styles soon?

Favorite #3: Cover Me Long Sleeve ($88) in samba snake kayak blue hero blue/hero blue

This print is half reptile, half bottom of the pool. Both are pretty sharp, and the subtle contrast between blues gives this one a nice edge. I also love the way there’s a solid panel on the bottom of the back, giving the flattering illusion of the a cropped tee.

Favorite #4: Extra Mile Duffel ($148) in windy wash multi/black

ExtraMile.jpegThis one caused me to make an audible noise alone in the kitchen when I saw this bag for the first time. Having JUST treated myself to red grape last month, there’s no way I can justify buying this. Amazon Prime must have lost the seeds to my money tree in the mail. Until they come, I’ll admire from afar. As opposed to Daniel/Gina – Daaaaamn, gym bag! You’re a hot piece.

Favorite #5: High Times Pant ($98) in jungle

Lululemon. Do you even KNOW how many basics across the US would have snapped these up before the St. Patty’s Day parade & bar crawl season took place? You’re a month too late on the cash cow. It could be a toss up on if these end up being sheer. My tentative opinion says possibly, erring on the side of yes. I’m now taking bets. If you win, your prize is…… absolutely nothing. Give yourself on the back.

The Dud: On the Move Long Sleeve ($88) in heathered chalk

If you’re pregnant, congrats. Not on the baby, but the fact that this is the closest you will ever get to lulu making a maternity line. Sometimes I have a food baby and name it Clarence, but that’s about it. I spent all week with Clarence last week in New York City. No real babies for me, though. I don’t even own a plant.

Other Stuff Worth Nothing

  • The Essentials Bag narrowly missed a spot in the top 5. It isn’t the most stunning, but it’s the perfect size to fit a water bottle and a Swiftly for when you’re spending the day out of the house. Fairs, amusement parks, concerts… it’s perfect for, well, the essentials. I have a very similar purse, and the medium size & crossbody factor is a total win.
  • The other top 5 miss (so, 7th place?) was the All Sport Bra III in rio nights multi. Calmly waiting to see if this amazing print comes out in Hi-Rise WUCs, an Energy Bra or a CRB.
  • Buried in the new Speed Shorts are samba snake battleship black/black. If your style is more understated, but you don’t want to just wear solids all the time, this pattern would be perfect for you.
  • ‘Tis a disappointment that the rio nights multi Speed Tight IV is full-on luxtreme
  • While rio nights multi is getting the bulk of the attention, seven wonders multi is making big waves on a lot of pieces this week. I mean… A LOT.
  • There’s another new print kicking around, and my personal jury is still out on it: blurry belle multi. It can be seen in the Speeds, CRB and the Time to Shine Skirt. I really like the idea to mix prints on the Speed Shorts, but the contrast is unfortunately causing my eyes to bug out a little bit.
  • Speaking of the Time to Shine Skirt, I think it took the place of last year’s Pleat to Street Skirt. The small pleats remain in the back, but the front has been flattened out to give it a crisper, cleaner look.
  • While the price tag is a bit high, the Sit in Silence Scarf ($98!!) looks like it could be a practical addition to an early summer beach vacation bag. Aka, dinner/bonfire shawl. As much as I hate on tropical vacations for being so cliche, I’m not going to complain if someone ever decides to whisk me away on one.
  • The Run all Day Backpack has always been on my radar, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to spend the money when my $10 plaid/tie dye Jansport does the job so well! Still loving on the windy wash multi, both in this backpack and the Sweaty or Not Kit. Maybe I compromise and upgrade my Target toiletry kit. :p
  • I’m happy to see the Sculpt Tank is still being cranked out in new colors! With a work trip coming up to sweaty Alabama in late May, I’m starting to keep an eye for a new pattern to keep the pigment wave multi company in my closet.
  • I’m afraid the Run Stuff Your Bra is officially dead and the Rack Pack Bra is its replacement. Not sure how I feel about that yet. The Rack Pack is more supportive, but the RSYB was cut a little lower in front, and had a smoother strap silhouette.
  • Other low key additions include the heathered sprinkler Yogi Racerback III, heathered lilac Swiftly Tech LS and the What the Sport Tee in heathered regal plum.
  • The new Trapeze Long Sleeve is made of pima cotton, which really means it’s a great way to spend $68 on winter pajamas. Or, in my case, April.
  • Deep Zinfandel lovers, say hello to your new Define Jacket and Wunder Under Pant IIIs with a snazzy waistband.
  • I’ve got to make it to a store and try the Studio Pant III on. My brain can’t decide if the new slimmer cut in the knee makes them look like hospital scrubs.
  • A little bit surprised to see that the Var-City Crop made a comeback. I personally liked the tees and tanks from this collection, so I can’t help but wonder if this means that some styles from that capsule will be coming back around again? LOVED last year’s Var-City Tank.
  • The models make the Comfy as Sweat Pant look very cute, but I can’t help but feel like if I gave them a try it would just look like I was still trying to fit into my sweatpants from 5th grade. We’re talking 1996.

Geez. I’ve been typing for a while now. It’s after 9pm! Did I cover it all yet? Close enough. Time to close up le Macbook and step away for the night.

Nothing made it into my shopping cart, but I can’t take my mind off of that Extra Mile Duffel.

Did anyone scoop anything new up this week?


  1. I want to marry those blurry belle speed shorts. My eyes bugged out of my head when I saw them. Why oh why did I buy fullux high times (hoping they magically pop a hole so I can exchange them for something, you know, not fullux and with pockets) when I could have spent half as much on these?!

      1. I’m just gonna keep pulling scorpions and heel stretches until a crotch seam goes :’) I wish lulu would stop randomly pulling items off the website, because some black speed crops are the replacement of my dreams. I wish I could go back in time and smack myself in the head for buying fullux!

  2. I bought the seven wonders speeds because they are GORGEOUS! Love, love, love the colors. I’ve read on FB they might flare a bit. I was thinking for sure they’d show up in your top 5!

    Also excited to see faded zap is back – love that color! Clear mint is super close (although more neon), but those light greens/yellows look so good paired with darker solid crops.

      1. Nvm the clickthrough on your post is broken. I got the UGH page lol. I found it by searching 🙂

  3. what other fabrics do speeds come in?? just got my first luxtreme pair and i like em, but maybe i’m missing out! how do they all compare?

    1. Hi! 4-way Speeds are usually made of a fabric called Swift Ultra, 2-ways are made from Swift. The waistbands are Luxtreme, but not the rest of the shorts themselves. The only other option available right now is the Speed Short *H20, which is made from lulu’s swim fabric.

      1. i think M meant the Speed Tight IV, not the Speed Short! I think the tight are always luxtreme, I’ve never seen them in luon. I honestly don’t buy luon anymore, it pills like crazy and it is to hot to workout in. I’m a luxtreme lover (and also nulu 😉 )!

      2. Go figure I’m the opposite – I allow some luxtreme in my life, but I like luon FOR its thickness. You wouldn’t think of the tranquil tight as a CrossFit friendly piece, but they rocked the WOD on Tuesday night and didn’t move one bit.

  4. im liking th essentials bag, but not enough to buy just yet since i did get the black/white striped festival bag on wmtm 2 wks ago.

    the blurry belle multi crb is calling my name though.

  5. I bought the DZ/white essentials bag (my first lulu bag purchase, I hope I loves it). I have my eye on several things and this was a very tempting upload for me but I am on a only one item per month (or less budget😁). Who are these people who buy several items per upload, I’m super duper jealous. Can I have your hand me downs, pretty please!! I’m waiting for more colors to come out on run times and pace rivals and visors. I’m new to this blog and love it. Thanks for keeping it real, and bringing on the humor.

    1. Hi Jill! Welcome to the party, I’m glad you found me 😀

      I’ll admit to being one of those people who buys multiples sometimes, I like to call it selective frivolity.

      While the lulu spend is a bit high, I hardly ever buy shoes, jewelry or purses, which is where a lot of other ladies drop their hard-earned cash.

      Lululemon > Louboutins & Louis Vuitton

  6. I have underarmour crops that looks a lot like the seven wonders print. I have been considering getting the run all day backpack but now with that windy wash print I really want it. Reviews are mixed on it, though. Gonna go down to the store today and hope to check it out. I do need a backpack with the chest straps…so it would be a purchase of necessity!

  7. I absolutely love my Run All Day backpack. I got the black and took it back and got the fiber optic one because I love light up things and I’m dumb. Its super light and hangs on tight. I can’t wait to travel with it.

    I think I might get the Speed Tights but I’m not sure. They are my absolute favorites to run in but it is starting to get warm. I love that print.

    1. Something tells me I may cave on that one in the next few weeks. The only thing my trusty Jansport is lacking is the pocket situation. How’s the Run All Day with fun pockets?

  8. I just got my blurry belle crb and the rio night bra in the mail- I feel like the crb runs a little more snug than some of my others, not enough to go to the trouble of exchanging it but I probably would’ve sized up if I had realized. The print is super pretty in person, online it looks BLUE but there’s some nice yellow and that lavender color in it as well. I think itelbr a really nice versatile crb. The too nights bra is super pretty! I love that print and it looks great with my black tranquil tank!

    1. You know what, I feel like my kayak blue CRB that I got in recent months is shorter than some of their others.

      I’ll have to lay it over an older tank to see. Lulu shrunk the Swiftly LS on us last fall, so your hunch may not be too far fetched!

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