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Stand by to Stand By…

5 Faves & a Dud is going to be a little late tonight, because I was too busy at the NYC flagship trying on THE ONESIE. I did it for all of you, all of you out there so you could see this fashion catastrophe on a human being. 😂 

Have fun sitting and laughing at me while I locate some dinner.  

11 thoughts on “Stand by to Stand By…”

  1. Omg I just spit wine all over myself and my dog. You have a great body but that is doing nothing for you but all of us in the interwebs appreciate your sacrifice. Also, I swear that comment isn’t coming from a 50 yo male creeper.


    1. I was trying not to laugh out loud in the fitting room too 🙂

      I am thinking I could use that onesie as super hero outfit and call myself the Power Flower.



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