WMTM Alert! 3/24/16

lululemonWMTM Alert

I snoozed and I lost. The darn rio nights Speed Shorts sold out in 24 hours!

*calmly tells self I did the right thing and saved $54*

Oh look, lululemon’s doing my job for me again! What’s new this week? See it all here.

WMTM Alert! – 3/24/16

  • The Wrap It Up Trouser, with its funny MC Hammer vibe all up in front.
  • Certain colors of the Enhearten Tank are marked down to $39, which is a good deal IMHO! It’s one of the most supportive built-in bra tops I’ve tried on in a while. You smaller ladies win the prize. Peacock Blue and blooming pixie raspberry black/black (2 & 4), Berry rumble (4 only).
  • On the flip side, 10’s and 12’s win the lottery on the $29 Circadian Tank. Heathered light gray is the only color you can snag in any size you want.
  • The space dye camo white silver spoon/apex stripe black white Lighten Up Bra is only $29, in all size but a 2! This may be my rio night Speeds consolation prize. 🙂 There’s also flashback static caspian blue jewelled magenta/jewelled magenta/caspian blue and very light flare if you’re so inclined.
  • Apex stripe Festival Bag, I’m going to behave… but with that $49 price tag you’re making it difficult.
  • The Warm Your Core LS is down to $49. I’d personally advise against this one. I tried it on over the winter and the head hole was abnormally small given how loose the rest of the shirt fit.
  • By the time I got to writing this line of the post, the black Urban Sanctuary Bag already sold out. Fatigue green is still there for the $89 taking.
  • Still trying to get rid of the Cold As Fluff Parka – it’s now $149, a full 50% off original retail. That camel colored stripe really killed its mojo. Denver, you just got a blizzard, right? Here, wear this. The snow is probably deep enough to hide said camel stripe.
  • Sneaky sneaky… the &go Destination Jacket is $89 in black and bordeaux drama, still asking $119 for the inkwell. I’m always a fan of a waist cinch, especially when it comes to outwear.
  • Speaking of cinches, the In a Cinch LS is not a new add, so I’m not quite sure why they’re billing it as such. I tried this on in store a few weeks ago, the fabric felt thin, cheap and pilly. Not lulu’s best. If you can, see if you can find this one in store and try it on before buying. Cotton modal is not as wonderful as rulu.
  • I probably missed it last week, but I’m a big fan of the space dye twist lullaby ray/lullaby/ray Free to Be Wild Bra, and it’s only $39 right now. This is a deal!

Shoppity shop shop. I may get the Lighten Up Bra, I may not. Hmm……


  1. I’m in Canada and we got the Base Runner pants which I’m psyched out! Despite the sucky reviews due to pulling and a rolling waistband, these pants feel like buttah on the skin.

  2. Prudential had the rio speeds, I tried two pair on yesterday but too much green on one side of both of them. I was being picky I think but pattern placement wasn’t cool with me lol but in case you want to have them send them to you…. They were fully stocked in store

    1. I was super picky about pattern placement on my pair – they were super nice in store though and brought out multiple pairs from the back so that I could find a placement I liked. Like you I didn’t want too much green on one half compared to the other!

  3. I love the lighten up bras! I am a small cup size but I still think the FTBW don’t have enough coverage for me so I just end up getting Onzie’s Chic bra knock off but the lighten ups are perfect! Strappy, more coverage and even a bit more supportive. Light flare sold out as I was checking out, though. Bah! Hopefully we will see more colors in WMTM.

  4. Received my Heathered Slate studio racer back from last week’s WMTM. Feels thinner than my other black cherry one I bought in November…

  5. Hi Katy,

    Did you ever try on those cyber red grape Bordeaux drama high times? In a Merlot and Ben and Jerry’s (pistachio, my favorite) induced splurge last night I ordered them and the pistachio crb. I felt totally justified buying an outfit to match my desserts … in hindsight I realize this is ridiculous, but hopefully the pants will be awesome and the crb will be the real pistachio. And I will have given myself an expensive Easter present.


  6. Went to the Santa Monica flagship store today and they have the rio nights speeds! Not sure what sizes but if you still want them you can always give them a call!

    1. Thanks Lizz! I’ll have to call around to some larger stores and see if they can ship me a 10. I was hoping to find a pair in NYC this past week, but of course the only size they did not have in stock was mine. 🙂

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