5 Faves & a Dud: Catwoman Disapproves

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I have less focus in me today than a sugar high toddler being let loose in a ball pit for the first time. Really. It’s bad. Sorry bosses, I got next to nothing done at work today. My bad.

5 Faves & a Dud – 3/22/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Run: Speed Short ($54) in rio night multi/black

Bad joke alert: these quasi-galactic patterned shorts are out of this world! Call me nuts because I crack myself up. That follow-up joke doesn’t even make sense. I haven’t bought any new Speeds since the summer, so I am considering adding these into the collection. But don’t the Seawheeze shorts ship in a couple weeks? I don’t need two new pairs of shorts.

Favorite #2: Spring Break Away Short *4-way Stretch ($58) in deep green

So they’re not exactly an evening gown, but a gem tone so deep and gorgeous, how can you not? Then again, that’s what a lot of brides say when choosing their girls’ bridesmaid dresses, and I’m sure you all have horror stories of your own of well-intended garments gone bad. Long story short (pun intended), great shorts, great color. They’re long enough to protect from chub rub, but short enough not to look like you borrowed them from Mom.

Favorite #3: Cool Racerback ($42) in cyber black deep coal

If this comes out in a Wunder Under Crop or High Times Pant, this pattern is going to sell out extremely fast. For now, let’s admire it in tank top form.

Favorite #4: Free to Be Bag ($128) in deep zinfandel

Ever since biting the bullet on the Extra Mile Duffel a few weeks ago, I’ve been paying more attention to the bag section. Now that I have aforementioned duffel, I don’t need another, but this one sure is fun to look at. Just structured enough to pass as a work bag. Plus, a little bag to keep your shoes’ stench in check! (Don’t even try to lie and tell me your shoes don’t smell.)

Shoot, if you’ve got a few little ones around, this could even be an opportunity to up your diaper bag game? I don’t know. I don’t have kids. I don’t even have a plant. Forget I said anything. This bag is pretty.

Favorite #5: If You’re Lucky Long Sleeve Tee II ($88) in black

If I had a boyfriend, I’d probably wear the hell out of this around the house trying to look all sexy and cute. I don’t, so I guess I’ll save the $88. I’m tempted, but I’m on a mission to take an epic trip to a TBD national park this summer. Reckless spending in the name of looking cute for no one kind of undermines the whole ‘save money’ MO.

It’s still chilly here in CT anyway, and who likes an unpleasant draft in back? On the first day of Spring, I woke up to clean about 4 inches of snow off my car. There was no evidence of it and we were out running on the trail by the 5:30p WOD. New England weather is drunk.

The Dud: Purr-Suit Onesie ($128) in paradise geo regal plum multi

Alright. You all knew this was coming. I can get behind the idea of sexing up a catsuit with a statement necklace, some boots and a blazer. Perhaps it’s your cup of tea when you’re at barre or if you’re a serious dancer. I even call it well-played with the feline reference in naming of said cat suit. I am applauding certain parts of the effort. The design itself is actually quite nice.

What I can’t get behind is the full-on luxtreme and the decision to release this in a PRINT. The print ruined what could otherwise have been a sassy and edgy piece of work. Release said onesie in plain black, and then maybe we can talk business. Until then, welcome to Dudville, population YOU.

Other Stuff Worth Paying Attention To

  • How did I miss this when writing the above? Told you my brain wasn’t functioning to its full capacity today. The Swiftly Tech LS and Swiftly Tech SS are available in PLAIN BLACK. THIS IS AWESOME NEWS. IT WARRANTS THE USE OF BOLD TYPE AND ALL CAPS. 😀
She’s mad at me for leaving her out of the top 5. Sorry, model whose name I don’t know. I really am.
  • The Swiftlies are also now available in heathered very light flare. Snore.
  • The new Sage Scarf *Cotton previewed in WWL is available in 2 colourways. It looks a bit like a Vinyasa Scarf with no snaps, perhaps with a bit more fabric. Seeing that it’s made of cotton and not rulu, this piece is meant to cozy up a transitional spring wardrobe. It’s probably floppy. The word ‘floppy’ amuses the 8 year old child in me.
  • To keep the spring vibe going, everyone’s trusty favorite, the Energy Bra, is now available in solid lilac.
  • So there are no pants or crops in the beautiful new cyber jungle hero blue/jungle we first saw on WWL last week, but it’s available in TWO options up top, the Define Jacket and the newly-released Precision Jacket.
  • Last week was the Daily Practice Jacket, this week plain white is making an apperance in the In Flux Jacket.
  • Warmer temps mean a move away from the thick cotton fleece, and towards a thinner terry fabric for the Scuba Hoodie III. While both are available year round, expect more colourways to be released in the terry fabric as temps rise across the country.
  • While the 5 Mile Long Sleeve hasn’t really impressed me, I guess enough of you have hopped on board with it since the holidays for lulu to keep pumping out new colors. This week’s color du jour? Heathered regal plum.
  • How are the No Limits Tank mourners dealing with the Nouveau Limits Tank? Good, bad, just not the same? The latest release comes in regal plum/miss mosaic peach fuzz regal plum/peach fuzz.
  • Sea Mist seems to be making a stealth infiltration into this spring’s line. This week, it’s the Free to Be Bra.
  • Has anyone tried the Rack Pack Bra yet? Love? Hate? Double Unders? Let’s hear the feedback. The trusty Strap It Like It’s Hot has been my double under wonder ever since picking it up in January.
  • Unfortunately, the rio mist white black High Times Pants don’t win any points with me, given the fact that the detail is printed onto fullux.
  • The High Times Pant (Metta) *Full-On Luxtreme advertises the newest color as cyber stripe deep coal black, but they look pretty plain deep coal to me. The web team must still be at happy hour, because the Pistachio CRB snafu still isn’t fixed either.
  • Lulu seems to be getting back to their old school ‘plain pants with a fun waistband’ scheme. Nothing crazy but I do like the Wunder Under Pant III in black/deep coal/battleship.
  • The edgy floral ‘will you accept this rose’ print of the Lucent capsule makes its way to the Speed Tight IV in my unexpected favorite new color of the spring, red grape. Technically, posey red grape bordeaux drama/bordeaux drama. Whatever.
  • I kind of want the hero blue Baller Hat. The perforated reflective Baller Hat that I bought in black last summer has got to be the single most used impulse buy of 2015 for me. I wear it all the time, and it’s become my adult security blanket when it comes to napping on early morning flights.

After all that rambling, the Speed Shorts, black Swiftly LS and If You’re Lucky LS II are sitting in my cart. Not buying anything for at least 48 hours. My impulsive “OMG NEED THIS NOW” days are behind me (I think, I hope).

If they sell out before then, then I will get over it (eventually) like those inkwell Align Pants that I never got but am successfully living life without.


  1. I’m wearing the rack pack bra right now and love it. It’s like the strap it like its hot bra and stuff your bra had a baby. I haven’t run in it yet but I’m a C cup and feel secure.

  2. Yes, you DO need two pairs of shorts 😀 Especially since the Rio Night pattern is numbero uno on your list of 5 faves

  3. I’m tempted by the reversible wunder under (green to inkwell) in this upload. I got the rack pack bra and wore in to run Sunday. It is a cute fit. Right now don’t love it as much as the Stuff Your Bra. This could change. It could just be stiff from being new? I need to run in it again.

  4. I ordered the cyber black deep coal CRB last week and it just came today – it’s gorgeous. Lightly textured like my fav silver fox cyber stripe high times.

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