WMTM Alert! 1/28/16

WMTM Alert

I have about 5 minutes to write this. 3,2,1, GO.

I surely missed a few things because I’m in race car mode writing this, but THAT DRESS THOUGH. Especially the black one. How can you turn down such a staple?!


  1. A quick question about the &Go Til Dawn Dress – do you think the length is unflattering for someone shorter (i.e. 5’3″)? I havent had an opportunity to try it on in-store and would love your input πŸ™‚

    1. If you click on through to my review, there are a bunch of photos of me prancing around in it. I’m 5’9″, so I can’t speak to where exactly it may fall on you, but I hope the frame of reference helps!

    2. I’m 5/2, 106 lbs, just bought this dress in black sz 4. It’s so cute! I was afraid it would be too tight under the armpits, but it’s very flattering. It comes slightly above my knees. Long enough for work, but not too long to look matronly πŸ™‚

  2. If I’m 5’5″, do you think I could appropriately wear the dress to work (with a cardigan and tights, of course)?

  3. I totally agree! I already own the black/white version of this dress and promptly ordered the black one. Didn’t even hesitate for a moment. Love!

  4. I ordered the black and white print dress, too. Have the other 2 colors already. The In Flux jacket would be tempting, but I already have it in Cranberry.

  5. Awesome, i ordered the black and white print one. Like you I’m a pale blonder so I hope it works. I figure that once would allow me the most options for throwing a cardigan or shawl over it. It was either that or the red….

  6. Darn, I had to pick up my kids and by the time I got back, the black/white pattern was sold out in my size!! Anyone see it at their local store, so I can call and order? Looking for a 6 or 8. Thanks!!

      1. Totally my fault for not checking the website sooner! I’ve gotten out of routine with checking the upload and WMTM.

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