5 Faves & a Dud: A Letter to Future Me

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

How many of you out there were loyal fans of How I Met Your Mother? It’s one of my favorite shows, and I’m currently binge watching it all on Netflix whenever I have a few minutes, because the show will never stop being funny to me.

In one episode, Ted Mosby finds a letter from himself addressed to “Future Ted” after a gnarly breakup with his cheating wench of an ex, Karen. Here’s a letter I wrote to Future Me this afternoon:

Dear Future Katy,

So that you can enjoy wherever your summer vacation takes you this year, I am making a conscious effort to be less spendy on the luon, so that you may take awesome adventures without feeling guilt (or a sky high Amex balance). You’re the reason that I’m about to start a Pinterest board called “My Vacation Will be Better Than This Outfit”.

You are the reason that I will not buy anything new this week, no matter what uploads in another 5 hours… unless it’s that long-sleeve navy blue &Go Everywhere Dress. Even then, I’ve got gift cards in my back pocket for that.

Anyway, send me a postcard. Wherever you go will be legen—wait for it—dary.

Love & Luon,

Present Katy <3

I thought using seasoned pretzel crisp crumbs tonight instead of breadcrumbs on chicken cutlets would be a good idea. It wasn’t. Pretzel crumbs block the heat from cooking the chicken quickly, and now the mouthfeel is stale and not crunchy. Is mouthfeel even a word?

5 Faves & a Dud – 1/26/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Strap It Like It’s Hot Bra ($54) in lakeside blue

Ladies, this is my new DU bra. Actually wearing it right now, because tonight’s WOD featured dubs. If you don’t find the Energy Bra supportive enough for high-intensity workouts, give this one a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Favorite #2: &Go On the Go Long Sleeve ($78) in bordeaux drama

I have enough black in my closet for days. Bordeaux drama is a winner, too. Like I said in my letter to Future Katy, I’m not buying anything this week. That’s not going to stop me from dreaming up all the ensembles I COULD HAVE created with this perfect staple… which has thumb holes! Mope.

Favorite #3: Scuba Hoodie III ($118) in heathered cadet blue

I didn’t understand the fuss about Scubas until I recently burned a holiday gift card on the heathered speckled black on. I can’t. Stop. Wearing it! While trying a Scuba on for the first time felt oddly thick and stiff (TBH, it wasn’t love at first wear), I gave it a chance and suddenly I hardly want to take it off to wash it.

Favorite #4: Sculpt Tank ($58) in boom juice

It’s not the jazziest style, but it is SUPER light, airy and comfortable while still maintaining a shred of class and sophistication when it’s a zillion degrees and humid out. Trust me. I only got one last season because it was FREE, and I ended up wearing it a ton. Plus, the hole in the back is the perfect showcase for an Energy Bra with fun straps. Another thing… BOOM JUICE. Boom juice sounds like a failed brand of pre-workout. #brotatochip

Favorite #5: Energy Bra ($48) in lullaby/space dye twist lullaby ray

You don’t need to read about how pretty this bra is. Look at the pictures and admire it for yourself.

The Dud: &Go Take You There Wrap ($148) in heathered medium grey/slate

Four words: old man house coat. While it doesn’t look THAT bad in the two darker colors, this lighter one is very blah. It’s lacking shape, which means any woman with big shoulders who puts this on is going to look like a house. Kind of like when NFL players wear those huge jackets on the sidelines. It’s just not cute when you’re not making a minimum salary in excess of $400k/year to wear it.

Other Notables

  • The Hi-Rise Wunder Under Pant in space dye twist dark slate fatigue green made a real run for the top 5 this week.
  • The Align Pant in black is being advertised as new this week. Right. You go on and tell yourself that.
  • Boom juice makes another appearance as a nice accent on the heathered black/boom juice/deep coal Inspire Tight II. I dig it.
  • The online-exclusive Time Warp Tight is back again for another run this year. I’ve heard good things about warp knit stuff, despite lulu NOT telling us what fabric it’s made of. No joke. The product description calls it ‘fabric’.
  • Lots of additions to the &Go line, but alas… NO DRESS. I am giving up hope.
  • Some of you may have expected the &Go Til Dawn Bodysuit to be the Dud… the flashback static one isn’t blowing my skirt up, but the black one would actually work well under a lot of my miniskirts! Logistics of having to pee is another story.
  • Looks like the Yogi Racerback is back in version III. These are great for days when you’re not feeling the most svelte. Plus, they’re soft AF.
  • I’m all FTBWed out. It’s available in cosmic dot multi for those who are still excited by this style.
  • I’ve gotten some feedback that the Interval Crop isn’t staying put for some of you ladies. Is this true? Boooo.
  • The Pace Rival Crop in heathered black/deep coal/boom juice looks money. If only boom juice made more of an appearance than the back pocket zipper and lining of the waistband.

Did anyone fall in love with something new this week? I’m busy trying to make sure Future Katy doesn’t curse me. I may be buying a plane ticket soon, because cabin fever. I haven’t been on a plane in a month. MUST FLEE!


  1. I loved HIMYM until the end. I LOATHED the end. I was going to write hated but realized as I was about to type that, I hated it so much I needed a heavier word. Honestly it left a really bad taste in my mouth that I haven’t fully recovered from. I’m figuring after enough time I’ll just watch all the earlier seasons and pretend the last season never happened.

    In lulu news, nothing new for me this week. I may have broken down and bought a pair of runderfuls in the lace print on WMTM last week for you know, the intensely cold weather out here in Southern California. But I’m a wuss and think they’ll work for rainy days (all 7 a year) and morning hikes. They should be arriving today!

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