The Fitting Room: Warm Your Core LS


I can’t stand having the entire morning to sleep in, only to find yourself laying awake at 4:30a angry at the very fact that you’re laying awake. That happened to me today. Whenever it does, I inevitably fall back asleep after an hour (or more) and when I do, I have the most twisty effed up dreams. Then I wake up all unnerved about A) the dream’s contents and B) how the hell my mind could conjure up such a twisted f*cked up scenario, which causes the day to get off to a funny start.

What does this have to do with the Warm Your Core LS? Absolutely nothing. Just ranting on the blog because soapbox. 🙂

The Fitting Room: Warm Your Core LS ($98) in heathered black

You may or may not be able to tell by my facial expression which direction this review is going in. The way the Warm Your Core LS fell on the hanger, I thought it was going to be on the slimmer side. So, I grabbed a 10.

That was a mistake. Like the product description says, MOST of this top is loose. However, the neck opening is unreasonably small. It’s one of those good hair day ruining kinds of shirts. So, once I got this thing over my head, it was even weirder.

The small head hole was more uncomfortable than it was cozy, and there is a disproportionate amount of fabric in the rest of the top compared to said hole. LOOK:

This went beyond Cute Flare Town and rolled into into Excess Fabric Station. It could be exaggerated due to the fact that I’ve got a size 10 on instead of an 8, but I’m not sure I’d have been ok with a size down, given all the complaining I just did about the neck opening.

The rulu is super comfy as always, but the Warm Your Core LS was an easy pass for my body type.

Has anyone bought this top and had a more flattering experience than I did? Just curious. What doesn’t work on me sometimes kicks ass on others, and vice versa. I like the idea of this LS, it just didn’t give me that “OMG I LOOK FABULOUS” feeling that I need in order to drop my hard-earned money on a new piece of lulu.


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