The Fitting Room: 5 Mile Long Sleeve


A little bit on the late bus, here…the 5 Mile Long Sleeve first uploaded closer to Christmas. I originally passed it by in store due to the thin flimsy fabric it’s made of. Ain’t nobody got time for thin and flimsy when it’s JANUARY IN NEW ENGLAND.

However, having seen it posted in a few try-ons and store photos, I feel like I had to see for myself if this top was any sort of worth it. (Spoiler alert: not really.)

5 Mile Long Sleeve ($78) in raspberry

Look does not equate to feel, just as feel does not equate to look. While I felt very held in and was afraid of looking sausage-like in the Enhearten Tank, the 5 Mile Long Sleeve didn’t feel tight & clingy, but it surely looked it.

Maybe I should have been warned by the words ‘slim fit’ in the description. This is an 8, which is what the lulu size chart says I should be wearing.

The fabric itself is very thin, meaning it grabs hold of whatever layer you’re wearing underneath and doesn’t do well on its own. Thin fabric also means that if you’re looking for any sort of thermal assistance in the cooler months, you’re not finding it here.

I’d be quite happy if this top was made in some sort of rulu, but alas, NOPE.

A big selling point on this top was a hole in the wrist for you people who wear expensive fitness watches and want to see them at the same time as enjoying your shirt’s thumb holes.


Homegirl is unimpressed. With my thumbs through the holes, the watch opening was oddly over the bone on my inner wrist, instead of on the back… you know, where my phantom watch would actually be. Plus, you can see a stray thread in the wrist opening. Shoddy craftsmanship.

I admit it. Raspberry is a beautiful color, which I like more on myself than I do just chillin’ on a hanger. Glad I took it in and gave it a try.

I really wanted to love this top. But, if I’m having a skinny day and still need to suck it in just to avoid awful fitting room lighting and other unsavory shadows, then this bird just isn’t going to fly in the real world.

If it pops up on WMTM for $49 or less, maybe I’ll give it a second look. For now, I am happy with my decision to leave this one behind in store. If it’s warm where you live right now, you may love the 5 Mile Long Sleeve. For me, my current focus is all rulu all the time… AND THIS NEW SCUBA III that I’m wearing at the moment. I am warm, cozy and winning.


  1. I have the 5 mile long sleeve. Got myself an Apple Watch for Christmas so thought I needed this shirt as an accessory for my watch 😉 The color is more lipstick in person than in the online pictures. And it is warm where I live (Georgia) so I like a thin long sleeve. It is a bit pricey. I wouldn’t mind it being lower in price—but it looks like the white space dye already sold out so that might not happen.

    Also, the watch opening doesn’t really work. It’s a PITA to get the watch to fit through the hole and stay above the fabric. I finally started tucking some fabric around the hole under the watch and that screws with the apple watch’s wrist sensor so I was having to unlock the watch every 60 seconds or so. I finally just pushed the sleeve up so I didn’t have to worry about it. So I got a very pricey (but pretty) pink T (that’s already snagged. One more snag and it’s going back.) I like that they thought the detail. Maybe they’ll get it right eventually?

  2. Hmm, wrist and thumb placement must vary quite a bit between peeps because I have the raspberry 5 mile LS and love it. My fitbit fits perfectly in the little slit when I am running. I live in LA so this is the perfect thinness for me but for sure it isn’t a cold weather item – I actually find swiftlies too warm and mine rarely gets used. It is definitely pricey and I’d love another one if it was like 15 bucks cheaper.

  3. Hi from Australia. I might be in the minority here but I just wear my Garmin over the sleeve if I’m wearing a top with thumbholes or excessive long sleeves. Hey love your blog!!! Especially your try on reports!!

  4. I tried the 5 Mile LS in the raspberry in both an 8 and a 10. I liked the fit of the 10 much better (same size I get for a LS Swiftly). However I hated the feel of the fabric and the clinginess. However, after reading so many good reviews of the Tiger Space Dye Black White fabric I ordered that and it is a night and day difference in feel from the raspberry color. The minute I put it in on I knew it was a keeper.

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