Inside Look: Seattle Warehouse Sale


Thank heavens that I was able to make it up to the Boston warehouse sale back in October, or else I’d be sitting here all like:

FOMO Bitmoji

Happy to say that I pretty much wear all of the stuff I bought at the Boston Throwdown. Here’s how things are looking after 2 days in Seattle:


  1. Day 2 they had a 50% off 10+ items that ran for 6 hours. I wish I went during that time!

    I went on day 3, where they marked items down $10 cheaper. They opened the doors with an accessories promotion 3 for $12. The Summer Lovin’ Totes and crossbody Party Om bags were the first to go (at $4 each people were grabbing multiples). Vinyasa’s were also grabbed quickly. They were gone within the first 1-2 hours.

    Around noon, they marked down jackets/hoodies another $10 cheaper. By the end of Day 3, I heard it was get 10 items for the price of 1 warehouse priced Jacket ($39). Something insane like that. I looked like people were camping out with their goodies and waiting as the day progressed for their stuff to get cheaper.

    There were really good Cool Racerbacks patterns – some of the patterns are still available on at full price! I got them for $19/each. Lots of good finds. They were continuously restocking the floor and rolling out new styles all weekend.

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