The Fitting Room: Enhearten Tank


Nothing makes a rainy Saturday morning quite like an Irish coffee and a trip to lululemon. My sole intention was to go and see if I could hunt down a Let’s Be Short Sleeve Tee, because it sold out in my size after a hot two days. Size 8’s across the US who sold lulu out of the tee, phooey on you! 😛

They didn’t have the tee. I saw the Down for a Run Vest in inkwell, and decided with the silver zipper that I didn’t like it enough to spend $138 on it. Discouraged, I almost walked out of the store without even trying anything on.

Then I thought of ALL OF YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE and decided to suck it up and grab a few things and take them for a spin. While the only thing I ended up buying was a half-price &Go Cityfarer Skirt in black, a couple items made it onto my short list! First up…

Enhearten Tank ($58) in space dye twist lullaby ray/ray

You’se guys (ok, ladies)… ray is BRIGHT. If you’re not into neon, step away from this color scheme.

The Enhearten Tank piqued my interest with its simple yet feminine style when it first came out. No crazy strappy meshy nonsense, just a flattering cut. A bit girlier than my normal Energy Bra/CRB combo, I was expecting it to be cute, but not CrossFit appropriate.

Shown here is an 8, which is my lulu size chart TTS. At first take off the hanger, I thought DAYUM GINA THIS IS TIGHT. So I shimmied it on without expecting much.

You know how when you put something on that feels pretty tight, and expect to look in the mirror and see nothing buy a sausage with your head on it? Well, it certainly felt tight, but somehow didn’t look it.

The straps are thick, and the tank is very supportive. I even hopped up and down a few times and survey says: I’D DO DOUBLE UNDERS IN THIS TOP. Granted, I’m not exactly a chest-heavy girl, so if you’re a C cup or higher you may want to take my statement with a grain of salt.

The torso fits slightly tighter than the CRB, and it’s not as long. Because this tank’s design features paneling, if I do end up taking this tank home it will be in a solid color, as opposed to a print. Click on the photos in the top gallery, you’ll see the seams.

If you’re normally a girl who turns her head the other way at any tanks with the bra built in, I recommend taking the Enhearten Tank into the fitting room before you turn your nose up for good.

What I originally thought was for aesthetics only may end up making it into my gym wardrobe full-time!


  1. This tank is all that and a bag of chips! I felt the same as you about being scared to look I’m the mirror but it is so flattering.
    Ive worn it to Orangetheory a few times for weights and running and it passed the test for this 34 DDD girl 💪

    1. I was totally caught off guard by this one! Did NOT by any means expect it to be as supportive as it ended up being. The fun girly look is a total bonus!

  2. i tried this on yesterday, too! i liked it but i might be in between sizes on this one. the 8 was loose in the bust area but just right on the body. the 6 was perfect in the bust area but a bit tight on the body. im torn, so still thinking on this.

    i did get a pair of groove shorts on mark down and a salute the sun tank (love!) … and a pair of gloves for 10 bucks. 🙂

  3. I usually take an 8 in Swiftly SS and Swiftly tanks but a 10 in most other LS and tanks at Lulu. I found the 8 just a smidge too tight in the body to be appealing so went up to the 10. The 10 fits well because it skims my body rather than hugs it but the material is thick enough that that works. I love how it looks from the back. I intend to wear it with cups although had to ask for them at the store since they didn’t have them already inserted.

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