WMTM (Lack of) Alert / Pending Flagship Trip

WMTM Alert

Looks like lulu laid all of its WMTM cards on the table on Monday. I’ve been checking for updates all morning, and now that’s it’s 1pm I’m giving up.

In other news: the lulu tour continues. First Athens, then Memphis, now I’m planning on hitting up the recently-opened 11,000 square foot Lululemon NYC flagship store later this afternoon.

Here’s hoping there’s some reflective gear to try on. 🙂


  1. it’s a lululemon roadshow for you! yep no wmtm updates. my wallet is happy.

    oh wait. i have 2 things in my cart – a wup and a zone in crop.

    LOL. it.never.ends.

  2. I visited the store right before Thanksgiving. OMG, it was impressive. The golden lulu logo outside the store made the most lasting impression for some reason. Can’t wait for your try on photos.

  3. They had it posted at 8am ET this morning it jumped to 110 items. Way earlier than usual I kept checking it because I know they add and take away but it never went back up. There was the green floral run all day backpack for $79 and the sun to moon scarf for maybe 39$ I can’t remember. I was considering the backpack since I own one and love it, but it sold out in probably 15 minutes. Nothing else notable enough for me to remember but it was quick like they posted oddballs they had 5 pieces of.

  4. On another note, the stores have new shoppers in Boston with that chalk design on them. It was on the new towel uploaded this week. Not holiday bags by they’re really pretty black and white design with the red logo

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