The Fitting Room: &Go City Pullover / &Go Cityfarer Skirt


I sure do love me some &Go pieces. Thing is, they’re generally a bit on the pricey side – so I tend to hold off until I see things on WMTM. Sometimes you win out, other times it’s tough cookies. Given the lighter heathering on the bordeaux drama and dark fuel pieces released lately, I had my reservations but gave the &Go City Pullover a try, along with seeing if that &Go Cityfarer skirt warranted the $118 price tag.

&Go City Pullover ($98) in heathered dark fuel

This top’s on the roomy side, so I tried on an 8. At first look and feel, it was just okay. The color was a bit off, and I’m not sure what the gathered detail on the bottom in back is supposed to do. It looks more like your shirt was bunched by happenstance, as opposed to on purpose.

Also, In the photos online, it looked like the piece had a zipper up the center in back. As it turns out, it’s only a reflective stripe.

One fun part of this one is that there are pockets involved. They are zip closure on both side seams, including some space for a cell phone. It’s a stretchier spandexish material. My brain isn’t working, I think it may be Glyde.


Also, the heathered rulu just didn’t feel as soft as rulu should. Perhaps the heathering made it scratchier. If I were you, I’d wait to see if the price falls and it ends up on WMTM. It’s not worth $98.

&Go Cityfarer Skirt ($118) in black

Said a la Matt Bellassai… Alriiiiighttt everybody! At first looksie online, I just assumed it was luon. It’s not. However, lulu’s website won’t admit what this skirt is made of. What I can say is that it is THICK, in a good way. Like a true dress skirt should be.

The skirt is made of the same fabric and has the same seaming style as the &Go Everywhere Pant. It’s got vertical seams on the outside, 2 running down the front and 3 down the back.

So, it fits well. Given the fact that I rolled down my dorky socks in the fitting room, I can’t realistically say how flattering it would look with appropriate footwear. No awkward bunching, and the fabric was thick enough to make you feel held in, yet still able to breathe. The rise was just right and the length was short, but not enough to make me look like a sassy little pop tart.

IMG_1713Pardon the blur, but there’s also a small zipper pocket in the back a la Speed Shorts, and another hidden coin pocket in the front waistband a la Wunder Unders.

Overall, the skirt itself did turn around the negative train of thought that I had going into the fitting room. $118 is a bit expensive for someone who wears skirts sometimes. However, if you’re a definite skirt girl and know you’d wear it all the time, I think you’ll be pleased with this one. 🙂


  1. im a skirt girl and i tried this on. im short though, so the length on me hits mid calf. i liked it but not at that price. now if it were that l/s dress…..

  2. Now that you bought the Cityfarer Skirt, how does it perform in the real world? I’ve been debating, all other pencil skirts I have in any sort of similar fabric tend to ride up so I spend my day pulling them back down where they belong. Do you experience that with this skirt at all?

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