WMTM Alert! – 10/15/15 (Vinyasa Scarves!)

WMTM Alert

Current Mood: April Ludgate. I don’t know why, but today’s one of those days where everyone is getting under my skin for no exceptional reason.

There’s cheap lulu, though. Nothing fantastic. Hoping this weekend’s warehouse sale isn’t a waste of time. About 30 new items were added today. If you’re a little size 2 peanut, nobody likes you because you get pretty styles for cheap.

WMTM Alert – 10/15/15

Catch the full rundown here.

  • Multiple variations of Wunder Under Pants, Heathered Jewelled Magenta and Regal Plum in size 4-10. If you need pants for Barbells for Boobs this month, here you go!
  • Electric Coral WUPs in 8-10 are a tough sell. If you have body fat, the shadows on this color are NOT kind to imperfections. I’ve tried these on. I know.
  • Sizes 2-6 get Hi-Rise WUPs in simply ziggy snake slate deep coal and biggie so fly butterfly fatigue green black in addition to the cranberry lizard already listed.
  • Misaligned stripes in the overly detailed Inspire Tight III in sizes 4-6-8 space dye twist iris flower pink shell/iris flower
  • I was just wondering a couple days ago why these odd black/clear mint mesh Inspires weren’t marked down yet. Now they are. Sizes 2-4.
  • Can’t remember if the relatively-new Vent it Out Crop was on MD last week. Well, it is now.
  • The DUDLY dottie dash WUCs are on MD in ALL SIZES because nobody wants dottie dash things.
  • The Nike knockoff Super Squad Short in (you guessed it) dottie dash… because nobody wants dottie dash.
  • For a second I got excited thinking the posiedon Tracker Shorts were on MD, until I clicked and saw they were the washi weave sapphire blue instead. Sizes 4-6 only.
  • Whoa, something in Pretty Plume Angel Wing made it to the sale section! Roll Down Boogie Shorts.
  • Last year’s Think Fast Pullover in Sizes 6-8-10. I think I remember trying this on and not loving it so much.
  • A to/from Solo Blouse – which is still $79. A bit high price for a final sale. Not going to gamble on this.
  • BAHAHA the size 2 Fresco Blue Swiftly LS is back…. discounted a whopping FOUR DOLLARS.
  • There are a few Swiftly SS available in smaller sizes.
  • Jewelled Magenta Exquisite Tank II in all sizes except 8 & 12
  • Damn you size 2’s, you get a going grape FTBW and the Energy Bra in Pink Lemonade!
  • Sketchy Palms Accessories: the Party Om Bag and Race to Win Run Hat
  • VINYASA SCARVES! Two patterns in Vitasea and one in Rulu, which I like to call “Girl Scout Cookie”. Real color name: deenie stripe desert olive fatigue green.

Anyone picking any deals up today?


  1. So sorry I was late to WMTM this week because now that I see the Think Fast Pullover was initially available in an 8 (not anymore). I absolutely love this top. I have two from last year (black herringbone and boom juice/cranberry stripe) but I’ve lost some weight and they are a bit big. It would have been awesome to get some more in the next size down.

  2. Any thoughts, either positive or negative on the Seva Sweater on WMTM? Just moved back north after 7 years of southern winters and fearing the cold soon to be. Not really a pullover type of person but one with some “character” I’d consider.
    Am “meh” about most of LLL these days, yet I practically live in it :0
    Is the Seva sweater the one everyone was referring to the “loin cloth” sweater a while ago? Or is this a new iteration of the slit sides? Sorry for all the confusion. I rely on the kindness of strangers to help make sense of Lululalaland. 😉 Because tho I may wear it, I just can’t keep it all straight in my head! Thank you

  3. Sarah – the Seva sweather is not the one I think of when I think of the awful loin cloth sweater from a while ago. There was a different one that was much worse because the slit at the side wasn’t a slide, it was a swath of fabric cut out of each side. However I haven’t tried this particular sweater on to comment any further.

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