The Fitting Room: High Times *Wrap Mesh


Happy Wine Wednesday! Today, let’s go with a rundown on the High Times *Wrap Mesh in BORDEAUX drama. See what I did there? Coincidence, but not really. Oh look, my glass is empty. Let’s go fill it! Anyone else all up on the Apothic Red train like my friends and I are?


No. I will sip, but I won’t lay lay until I throw my two cents in about the Wrap Mesh High Times. Then, it’s Parks & Recreation time on Hulu. I just finished season 2, so nobody give anything away!

High Times Pant *Wrap Mesh

The latest impulsive idea that popped into my head has been “it’s fall I want maroon pants.” So, I grabbed whatever Bordeaux Drama my local store had in stock and gave them a whirl.IMG_1085

I saw a peek of Bordeaux Drama from the High Times cubby, so I made a beeline for them, of course. At first, I thought they were actually in the wrong spot. There’s an arc of stitching on the back side (a la speed tights) which I’m not a fan of, so my first reaction was to check the tags to see if these mystery pants were in the wrong place.IMG_1085 (1)I was so confused that my face said it all, and the Educator standing nearby asked me if I needed anything upon seeing me make the WTF expression. At least said arched stitching in back was a bit more flattering than I thought it would be. The arc on the rear of Speed Tights make anyone look like they have a flat butt (not in a good way).

Another surprising thing about these, they run a bit longer than a standard pair of High Times. The website doesn’t list a specific number for an inseam, but it was definitely longer on these. If you’re a shorter girl, these will be PANTS on you.IMG_1085 Ankle

One other note? See above. Loose ankles! That next to never happens to me on lulu pants, and it definitely hasn’t happened with a pair of High Times before. Felt a bit strange.

Then, I turned around, bent over and took a look in the mirror. Sheerness. I go between an 8 and a 10 on bottoms, and the pair I tried on was a 10.


All in all, while I really liked the color, the loose ankles and slight sheerness factor led to the decision to leave these behind in store. I also noticed that one of the girls from my box was wearing a pair the day before, and the ankles were loose on her too. Hers weren’t bordeaux drama, so I know that it isn’t just a defective pair that I tried on.

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