Price List: Lululemon Boston Warehouse Sale 2015


Poking around Facebook, there was a VIP early access to the sale tonight.

So far the feedback has been it’s a lot of current WMTM garb with a few decent pieces mixed in. Facebook user Jen M was also kind enough to post a list of prices.

Not too remarkable, IMHO. Hopefully prices begin to dip after tomorrow.



  1. Got there around 620. Was in the second wave of people let in at maybe 8:05. I think they let 100 people in to start and then Waves of 50. I saw people with some good finds like pretty scubas, last years bumbleberry check “lumberjack” scuba, some if you’re lucky tights and some of the plaid speed shorts. There were definitely some nice finds, just mixed in with SO many duds. I grabbed some groove shorts that I don’t believe were ever in the US. There were a lot of items with UK tags and sizing but the US size hang tag. Most of what I purchased were UK items.

  2. They were brining out more racks of stuff steadily and announcing to find what you want and get out, basically. Make sure your merch is getting rung in at the correct prices as you don’t get a detailed receipt and they will cut the hang tags off of EVERYTHING and throw them away. You cannot keep the tags. (Haha to you, eBay sharks!) Here’s a map for tomorrow. Enter straight ahead women’s tops on middle row of racks all separated by sizes. That’s it. No sections for tanks/hoodies etc. just all thrown together by size. The right row of rolling racks are women’s bottoms. The left row are men’s followed by ivivva. All sports bras, headbands, scarves m, mittens etc are in the boxes to your immediate left when you walk in. More boxed wrap around the left wall with tote bags and backpacks. A few yoga mats, water bottles, and socks were in middle of men’s and ivivva. Far right well was boxes of slitty sweaters haha you know the ones I’m talking about. There ARE fitting “rooms” in the back by where the checkout entrance is. It’s just a huge cornered off area with mirrors. Everyone pretty much had their piles thrown about the perimeter of the room. You can probably find better things in discard piles than on the racks. I think I covered most of it. Good luck !!!

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