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OOTD: Office Lulu

For as much as I ramble about Lululemon, I tend to forget to share examples of how I throw the umpteen zillion possibilities in my closet together.

So, here’s today. Simple, (somewhat) stylish and comfy as hell. 

  Short Sleeve Cropped Trench: Banana Republic Factory Store (This piece is old school… easily 7+ years old)

Tee: Lululemon Every Yogi Tee (Spring 2014)

Pants: Lululemon Day Trip Boyfriend Pant in Alberta Lake (Summer 2015 WMTM)

Ankle Boots: Target (Fall 2014. They are comfy as anything. Win!)

Necklace: Charming Charlie (It was only $5! Woooooo!)

Anyone else playing the lulu card in the name of cubicle comfort today?

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