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5 Faves & a Dud

What. Up. Tuesday! Still have gift cards, still looking for something to go OMG over… like those Speed Shorts down under in Australia right now. Happy to see that upload went off without a hitch this evening, I felt like a real tool sitting there and compulsively refreshing for hours last week.

Anyhow, even with a few bright spots, this week’s upload generally has me all:


5 Faves & a Dud – 10/13/15

Favorite #1: Rebel Runner Crop ($88) in dark fuel/mini pop stripe dark fuel forage teal

RebelRunnerI went bananas for these in gray last year. While they’re listed as a crop, they’re a little on the longer side. Length win for us tall girls, and bonus points for the fun zip detail on the ankles!

Favorite #2: Can’t Stop Pant II ($118) in black/butterfly texture black white/mini pop stripe black white

CantStop1Always been a fan of the underrated Skinny Groove Pant, and these have a similar higher waist and skinny ankle.CantStop2The fun part that earns a spot on this week’s top 5 is the flattering ruching detail on the back. Even if they are full-on luxtreme.

Favorite #3: Flow Y Bra IV ($42) in flash light

FlowYBraPlain, simple, pretty, girly, me likey.

Favorite #4: Daily Practice Jacket ($118) in dark fuel

DailyPracticeUpon diving in and seeing that this jacket’s available in dark fuel in addition to coco pique – yeah. I WANT DIS. Given how fast the sapphire blue one went, I should probably order now and think later.

Favorite #5: Warrior Scarf ($68) in sapphire blue/black

WarriorScarfSo I while may enjoy bagging on all the #OMGFALL girls and their PSLs (not a fan… of pumpkin-flavored anything), I’ll admit that I’m a total scarfophile. Yes, I just googled ‘scarfophile’ to make sure I didn’t accidentally call myself something certifiably disgusting and weird.

The Dud: Tough it Out Tank ($58) in heathered bordeaux drama/painted animal bordeaux drama black

ToughItOut1 ToughItOut2While I can appreciate the effort at the layered look, the way it falls in front doesn’t give the poor model any shape. Plus, the intricate back looks like something that A) I would get tangled in and B) all of the laundry would get tangled or C) a ropes course. It’s actually cute in the back! Just feel like getting that thing on and off could be a logistical nightmare. I have enough trouble making the strings go in all the right spots when putting on a FTBW.

Additional Notes

  • It was a tight race for the Dud between the Tough it Out Tank and the Sweat Bound Tee. The crop/layered look just doesn’t work.
  • The Fleecy Keen Jacket III is actually a piece of outerwear that’s under $200! Barely, but it is. While it looks super cozy, I’m not sure how nice the double zipper would feel while sitting down.
  • The sapphire blue Define Jacket has made it stateside.
  • Sapphire blue’s brighter little brother, sprinkler, is here in the In Flux Jacket.
  • Those of you looking to feel like a $138 burrito, the Wrap Up Jacket is here to make your dreams come true.
  • The Kanto Catch Me LS has 2 more new colors this week, mini pop stripe dark fuel forage teal & kanto stripe wine berry black.
  • We have a new menthol Free to Be Bra, and it’s cuuute. <3
  • Two new Free to Be *Wild Bras – one in the latest print/color du jour (dark fuel/forage teal), but there’s also a very simple new one in heathered black/white/black.
  • We’re seeing the Splendour Bra come back again in black/cherry cheetah dark slate black. Looks like the rest of the colors available are sold out in multiple sizes, so while it isn’t my favorite, it’s definitely got its fans.
  • The stripes don’t align on the space dye twist sapphire blue multi/naval blue inspire crops. At all.



  1. I ordered the dark fuel Daily Practice Jacket. It’s a buy now, make decision later purchase! Although, I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall in love with it. I wear an 8/10 in most Lululemon tops, so I ordered a 10 in this jacket. I hope it fits well!

    1. The dark fuel one is in my shopping cart! Going to sit on it overnight… if everyone else buys them out from under me, then I guess it wasn’t meant to be… aka it’s my own damn fault for living on the edge and trying to resist the FOMO!

    1. The scrunchie was just too easy of a pick! 🙂 I’m a total 90’s kid, but COME ON.

      I went with the Tough It Out mainly for how it looks in front. Something that ill-fitting and unflattering in the front just isn’t worth the $58 price! Come on lulu, you’re better than that.

  2. I have the original fleecy keen jacket and being from NH (aka I know cold) I’m picky about my jackets…this is the best jacket lulu has ever made IMO. The fleece is very thick but not constricting; it’s longer in the back so actually useful for wearing in athletic endeavors, and the cut is very flattering. The double zipper isn’t uncomfortable at all…the inner zip up part is shorter so it helps keep warmth in without being bulky at the bottom. I’m thinking of buying another one in a different colour I love it so much.

      1. I am in totally agreement with this. Anyone wondering should definitely at least try on. I have the original also and have worn it constantly for going on a third winter. For my coldest runs up here in AK, as to and from, and for sitting at hockey practice watching kiddos. I’m also considering another this year in my tts. My current is a size up and just a little sloppy. They hold up great!

  3. The rebel runners are also great for us shorties because instead of crops, they’re full on pants! I may or may not have bought three colors last year and have kicked myself for not going for the full set and getting them in gray too. So as soon as upload was up those dark fuel rebel runners were mine! I suspect the striped ones won’t be especially flattering so I’ll wait to try those on in store but rebel runners are one of my favorite pairs of lulu pants so if they look good they’ll likely come home with me too.

  4. The damn Align pants have ruined me… I am returning my teal space dye twist crops because I’d rather have the menthol/black aligns that uploaded tonight (ps LOVE the menthol CRB, it’s soft like jeweled magenta not thick like Bali breeze so I feel totally justified having both). Had to get that pretty teal fuel FTBW to match of course. Also picked up the gray rebel runners, missed out on the black grape ones last year and was so pissed. I’m super tempted by the white fleecy keen bc I love my red one from the first run several years ago, but holding off cuz white is dangerous. Have you tried on the Daily Practice? It’s tempting me too but I think the length is a little weird.

    1. Hahaha I love the teal space dye twist crops! They performed nicely during Monday’s WOD 🙂

      Just posted a fit review of the Daily Practice a few days ago, it’s definitely a slim fit and was nicely long on me… And I’m 5’9″.

      Yaaaay for Rebel Runners! I’m a fan of mine from last year. Haven’t picked up any new colors this year, given the latest influx of Aligns, stirrup WUPs and the space day crops into my collection. This homegirl has got to cool it on the pants purchasing!

  5. I love that Warrior Scarf, I bought it (in Canada) and it’s made of Merino wool which is not indicated as Merino wool on other website other than the Canadian website!

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