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I know… I’m generally not in the business of posting new goodies that pop up on international uploads, but THESE SPEED SHORTS THO. I had to make an exception to share these. They’re giving off a very playful Seawheeze vibe. 

The colourway is called which way sway black white/black, and I’m into them as much as I jonesed for the pistachio CRB. That is all.

Let’s all collectively cross our fingers that they come to North America. A fun pattern in classic black & white will MATCH ALL THE COLORS! 😀




  1. I need these. Really, really bad. I unfortunately don’t know anyone in Aus nor am I planning to go there anytime soon. My only hope is that it uploads next week…

  2. If these come to the US, these will sell out SO FREAKIN FAST. They sell for a good amount on the fb boards. They are on my wish list because anything black and white striped has my heart <3

    1. While I’m incredibly hopeful for them, Australia is in fun spring mode while we’re getting the dark fuels and Bordeaux dramas dropped on us nonstop. I wouldn’t be surprised (yet I’d obviously be sad) if lulu gives us the shaft on these.

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