Lululemon WAREHOUSE SALE: Boston 10/16-10/18

2015-10-11 Boston
(Click above to be taken to the official Facebook event page)
In March and July this year, lululemon took the formerly in-person ruckus known as their warehouse sale and put it up online for all of us to go nuts over. Thanks to this sale, I ended up with a new love (Day Trip BF pant) and accidental pair of Inspire Crops when I thought I was getting a Miss Misty. Turns out I saw that Miss Misty in store 2 weeks later and didn’t really like it after all. Damn you #discountgoggles. They’re like beer goggles, but for low price points.

Anyway, lululemon has a special twitter handle for their US warehouse sale, @lululemonWHUS. Here’s the kicker. They go silent for months, and then start stirring again if/when another sale is planned. The last in-person warehouse sale took place in Minneapolis in March 2014. I don’t read the twitter machine much, so I apologize for being late to the party on helping to spread the news. The WH sale handle became active again in September, announcing the following:

Lululemon Warehouse Sale – Beantown Throwdown (#BOSthrowdown)

Hynes Convention Center | 900 Boylston Street | Boston, MA

October 16-18, 2015

  • Friday 10/16: 8am – 8pm (Last entry 7pm)
  • Saturday 10/17: 8am – 8pm (Last entry 7pm)
  • Sunday 10/18: 8am – 8pm (Last entry 7pm; inventory dependent)

I live about 2 hours from Boston. I can tell you right now (if you couldn’t already guess) what I’m doing on Saturday. This plus a FL trip in 2 weeks (aka Orlando outlet!), there’s gonna be some cheap lulu in my future! 🙂

In case you’re not into following the more business-related lulu news, inventory this year has been sky high (55% higher than  last year). This would explain the decision to take the previous few warehouse sales online and make the merch available to the masses.

It also would explain why new Scuba IIs and original What the Sport Singlets are being released along with their updated successors. Tons of gear was backed up at port thanks to a dock laborers’ strike, and now lulu has got to get rid of it somehow, without losing too much profit.

That said, I’m hopeful that the return of the in-person warehouse sale yields some previously unreleased gems at a more reasonable price point than usual!


  1. FL girl here, sorry to disappoint but Orlando Outlet kind of sucks, and the prices at my local lulu sales rack were better!!!
    Worth going to the outlets for other shops though.


  2. I live in Boston and plan to check it out early Friday morning if there isn’t a mob. I’ll try to snap some pictures and let you know how the merch is!


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