WMTM Alert! – 10/8/15 (Energy Bras & CRBs!)

WMTM Alert

Item count hopped up from 43 to 58 today. What’s notable?

  • Fullux mini coast camo deep navy black Speed Tight IV
  • The size 4 narrow bold stripe black angel wing/grapefruit WUPs have reappeared.
  • Heathered net pop Fullux Inspire Crops – fun pattern but again, ewww fullux!
  • Wee stripe black heathered black/exploded so fly butterfly angel wing black/black Pace Rival Crops in Sizes 6 & 10 for $64!
  • I don’t *think* the In the Flow Crop II was marked down last week, but I could be wrong. Either way, have at it if you’re a fan.
  • WHAT A TEASE – they listed the grapefruit Speeds, but they show sold out in all sizes!
  • Biggie so fly butterfly Speed Shorts and Pink lemonade Run Times Shorts for you size 4 ladies
  • Oooooh! The Bhakti Yoga Jacket is available in 4 different colors for $89 (down from $118) in a bunch of sizes, almost all! I have a black one from last year and love ittttt. Do I get the cranberry one?!
  • Liking the Go the Distance Half Zip, it’s down to $59. Mainly black & butterfly texture mink berry black. Light blue available in (you guessed it) size 4 only.
  • The blue digi lizard CRB is only $29! You lucky size 2’s & 4s!
  • The somewhat interesting Super Sport Tank is only $39 now. I’d give this one a shot if they had an 8 in pipe dream blue. Only 2-4-6 available. All sizes in mini pop stripe black mink berry/black/so fly butterfly angel wing multi.
  • Size 2’s you can snag the Energy Bra in Iris Flower & Alarming w the contrasting straps in back.
  • Other Energy Bras: ace spot lullaby black/lullaby in ALL SIZES and ace spot white black/black/white in sizes 2-8

Go forth and get yourself a deal!


  1. Hey, since you monitor WMTM pretty closely I was wondering if you had an idea how often a Swiftly LS (or similar running LS) tends to pop up? I need one for winter running and have been checking WMTM for 2 months, so I’m starting to think I might just have to bite the bullet (or find one on sale from Athleta). I should note I’m a 6 in Lulu.

    1. Hi Sam! Unfortunately due to their popularity, the Swiftly LS rarely shows up on WMTM unless it’s one of those horrible two-tone woven patterns. After about 5 months, there were enough Fresco Blue size 2’s to make it to WMTM recently, and even then the markdown was miniscule, only $4. (No joke.)

      While $68 seems a bit steep, I get tons of wear out of the few Swiftlies I have. I’ve worn one on 3 out of the past 5 days!

      1. Have you had any experience at all with the complaints I read in the website reviews (holes, rips, bizarre pilling)? I know they’ll take it back, but I might be getting a job there soon so even with the discount, I don’t want to be stuck with a pricey top (or be known as the employee that returns stuff haha). I know Athleta’s alternative is only around $4 less, but I wouldn’t mind snagging one on sale just to try it out (since they’re awesome about returns). Sorry for all the questions and unnecessary details!

      2. I haven’t had any MAJOR problems with Swiftlies. I totally break the cardinal rule and throw them in the dryer too.

        I’ve admittedly caught a jagged fingernail on the sleeve of one of mine before, but it’s not very noticeable. The miniscule pull hasn’t gotten any worse, even with many more wears & washes.

  2. @Sam I don’t know about others, but I tend to have better luck finding LS swiftlies on MD in the store rather than online.

    I haven’t bought anything from lulu since the price increases but today I ordered the pique Bhakti jacket and the ace spot black/white energy bra. I passed on the Bhakti last year and regretted it – surprised to see them on MD so soon. One of my barre instructors was wearing the ace spot black/white straight up bra not too long ago and it is ADORABLE in real life. Been watching for the energy bra to go on MD ever since. Score!

    1. @Sam, I just ordered a Chi long sleeve from Athleta and it is super soft—I want to wear it all the tim. Downside: It’s really thin, so comparable to a l/s swiftly. (I’m not a fan of the swiftly as they pick too easily.) Not sure if the athleta top, but it was only $23, and so far I’m happy with it.

  3. Katy,
    My local store has a ton of the light as air and mulabundha underwear on sale for $7. Not just weird colors or sizes. I think you can order them from the store and they will ship them to you. If you are interested I will send you the store info.

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