This Week’s Upload: Cyber Stripe Me Up, Scotty

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Facebook-memeI’ve been counting down to upload time more anxiously than usual this week. Why? Because one of my besties gave me a lulu gift card for my birthday, and of course it’s burning a hole in my pocket after less than 24 hours.

On a side note, we can thank a shattered screen on my work phone for my uncharacteristic lack of instagrammery lately. Working on getting that fixed, but they somehow think that 16GB is an adequate replacement for someone who’s used to 64GB. Nope. Guess I’ll be trading in my 6+ phablet for an iPhone 6 in favor of a phone that can function and store more than 23 photos in it. iTunes and I got in a fight last night, and error messages and failed backups upon failed restores kept me up way past my bedtime. #growl

It was a happy birthday, yet it’s been a cranky next day. Rah rah rah.

Let’s play a fun little guessing game. Does the gift card make it past upload tonight? Yes or No?

Welp, you still have time to get your guesses in, folks. Despite the whoever’s manning their Twitter account tonight assuring us to “hang in there” and upload is on its way “soon”, I’ve been sitting here refreshing for the past hour and a half.

Something’s up… I asked on a time frame, and here’s what I got:

Alright. 9:37p and upload is here! Better late than never. For those of you who guessed the gift card would be toast… congrats. You win the priceless satisfaction of knowing you were right, and nothing of monetary value.

5 Faves & a Dud – 10/6/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise) *Luxtreme ($88) in space dye twist cosmic teal multi


Gift card SPENT. Can’t wait to pair these with Black, Deep Navy and Black Cherry CRBs! I’m a fan of the high rise, they’re available in the plain WUC iii’s for those of you who aren’t. Fingers crossed the stripes align and they aren’t sheer!

Favorite #2: Wunder Under Crop (Hi-Rise) ($88) in dramatic static white black


Classic textured lulu. I’ve been a bit pants-happy lately, so the cosmic teal ones were enough for me, but still. I’m digging the dramatic static!

Favorite #3: Align Pant ($98) in black/flash light


If you haven’t already bought the Align Pant, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life/wearing on weekends. Plain black has sold out, but they’re now available with either a sapphire blue or flash light trim around the waistband. Just order them, already, before they sell out again.

Favorite #4: All Meshed Up 7/8 Pant ($98) in bordeaux drama/flash light


Yeah yeah yeah… I can’t stand wearing fullux but I like looking at it. The flash light trim is a fun detail that jazzes up the rear view.

Favorite #5: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew ($68) in heathered sapphire blue


A welcome piece, given the ghastly lizardy weave that they did with pipe dream blue. While I’d love to add this to the rotation, gotta pump the brakes on the blue swiftlies between the fresco & tranquil blues already in the laundry pile.

The Dud: All the Right Places Crop ($118) in slate


When the pants that tout ‘no camel toe’ can’t even hide said issue in the stock photos, it’s a fail. Unfortunately, a medium flat gray is NOT very forgiving to anyone with even the remotest hint of the evil c-word (cellulite). Therefore, these earn the dishonor of the week.

Additional Notes

  • I was super hopeful that the new Energy Bra in cherry cheetah dark slate black/bordeaux drama/black (eesh!) would have fun bon bon straps like the Free to Be, but alas it’s a more muted bordeaux drama.
  • The Sweaty or Not Bra seems to have some traction ever since it was dropped this summer. What I thought was just a capsule whim has turned into a mainstay.
  • Loving the new dark fuel color of the Studio Pant II!
  • Seems as though someone found a box of the original What the Sport Singlet in the warehouse, still trying to offload those even after the updated design has been released.
  • Speaking of boxes from dusty corners of the warehouse… how about the photos for the Heathered Menthol CRB?! Holy blast from the past, batman.HeatheredMentholCRB
  • If you’re looking to curb a FTBW addiction, the drab mini coast camo uploaded this week may help you pass on this week’s requisite new colourway.
  • Heathered menthol is also back in the quietly classic Power Y Tank, which is has also been uploaded in Sea Mist this week
  • Another Kanto Catch Me LS is now available in one of lulu’s typical winter prints, coco pique black white. Really trying to hold back on this one. Only time will tell how long before I cave…
  • In the latest return of overpriced outerwear from the past, the 1x a Lady Jacket can be yours for a cool $228.
  • Another contrasting waistband/pattern win in the Skinny Groove Pant II in cyber stripe naval blue black/digi pixie caspian blue black. Now let’s get this going in some Hi-Rise Wunder Unders or High TImes!

Just the cosmic teal WUCs and another pair of the Light as Air Hipster (I’m getting addicted, you guys) for me tonight. Did anyone else score any new goodies?


  1. I’m kinda eyeing the jet crops in denim. Because lulu jeans? I think I need those (and do love the jet crop). Also, the Kanto catch me long sleeve is amazing (Rulu FTW) . It’s all I wore this weekend. Thinking of getting another color.

  2. It was an expensive week for me! Got the teal stripe regular rise WUCs, dark fuel laser cut WUC, and that pretty heathered sapphire 1/2 zip swiftly (but might return that one… will have to see the color in person). Then I had FOMO and went back to order the heathered menthol CRB – given how often I wear my Bali Breeze CRB, figured I ought to get this one too. Damn you Lulu! If they release any new colors in the Align pants (other than just an accent) then my budget is screwed this month.

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