#TBT: That Time I Snarked at Lululemon


Actually it’s not a throwback at all. The snarking I’m referring to was about 5-10 minutes ago. I just wanted to get your attention. At least the photos below are from July.

Earlier this week, I decided I wanted to #treatyoself to a new Run: Stuff Your Bra for this weekend’s race. I own one RSYB that I got earlier this year, in the fun flash light & striped pattern. See? Look how fun it is.IMG_6356 As you can tell, it’s kickass on its own, but it doesn’t hide under tanks very well. Part of why this bra is so awesome is that it’s got those nifty pockets in front to help you stick lip balm, keys, an iPod, etc. Plus, it’s comfy as anything.

IMG_6357Long story short, this bra is legit. Unfortunately, whoever is working on the US side at lululemon and is making the decision to sell HARDLY ANY of the RSYB is really cheesing me off. Australia has 8 colors available right now, Canada has 11 and the UK has 13! How many are available in the good ol’ US of A right now? A goose egg. Zip. Zilch. ZERO.

What the hell, lulu.

At least one of the cool things about the company is they give you a formal soap box to hop up and squeal on when you love or (in this case) hate something that they’re doing, HeyLululemon.com. So, I hopped on there tonight and gave them a piece of my mind.

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.41.16 PM

I mean, it’s not like Americans have bonus 3rd and 4th hands to carry all of our stuff when we run! Come on now. Click on over and give me an upvote if you also feel the same way! Am I the only one who’s a sour grape about this?


  1. North Face also makes a similar bra with nice front pockets. I have both the RSYB and the North Face one and I actually find the North Face one more comfortable supportive and a bit more padded. I always seem to reach for it over my RSYB. I hate it when you desperately want to spend your money at Lulu, but then they do crazy things with all their releases and force you to seek alternatives.

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