The Fitting Room: Tight Stuff Tight

lululemon athletica – Nashville, TN

In the next review of the newbies, we’re talking about the Tight Stuff Tight. I was looking forward to these the most out of any of the new styles that made their debut earlier this month. I was a serious Under Armour fanatic prior to getting bit by the lulu bug, and if they can do one thing right, it’s COMPRESSION. For the price tag, I was very anxious and hopeful that these would deliver.

Tight Stuff Tight *Reflective ($148)

The insider tip that I read online and on the tag says to treat these like a pair of nylons, they’re supposed to be THAT TIGHT. Of course, with my long-ish nails, I put these on with a mix of caution and fear that I’d end up sticking my fingers through the fabric while trying to hike them up.

lululemon Tight Stuff Tight – Side & Rear view
lululemon Tight Stuff Tight – Front view

While definitely tighter than your average pair of lulu pants, I only noticed a compressive feeling from my knees down. On the top part, they just felt like tight pants. Not, super compressive ‘these are going to help me run far and fast pants’. It was a bit of a disproportionate feeling for me.

Overall, I didn’t hate them. It’s the best ‘compression’ lulu has come out with as far as I’m concerned. However, in my opinion, they still fall short of the Under Armour standard. I didn’t feel badly about leaving them behind in the store.

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