This Week’s Upload: For Real This Time

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

As all of us impatient Tuesday nighters know, this week was a good ol’ disaster in lululemon’s IT department. Well, upload finally got fixed in the wee hours of the morning from Tuesday into Wednesday, so we all could resume our regularly scheduled shopping habits approximately 12 hours later than planned. All that hullabaloo and there was nothing on top of the stirrup WUPs that I was jazzed about. Oh well. Here are this week’s pick’s:

5 Faves & a Dud – 9/22(ish)/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Wunder Under Pant (Stirrup) ($98) in black/heathered herringbone black

20150924 WUP-SEThese are the only thing from last week’s WWL that I was looking forward to this week. Ordered! Looks like I’m not the only one jazzed about the color blocking, as they have already sold out in black. Bordeaux drama, naval blue and this 80’s looking print called mountain peaks black forage teal/heathered forage teal are still available. Looking forward to the FedEx man’s arrival tomorrow! Honestly, I’m surprised lulu didn’t jack the price up into the $100+ range for stirrups.

Favorite #2: High Times Pant ($98) in space dye twist ultra violet multi

20150924 HighTimesI like the purple space dye twist, now that it’s not too warmed up with tinges of Alarming. The lack of detailed stock photos is a little annoying in this situation. Can’t tell if the stripes align in back, her silly shirt is in the way! Gah, shirts. Who needs ’em? People who want service in a public eating establishment, that’s who. The possibility of food drives a hard bargain. Carry on.

Favorite #3: High Times Pant ($98) in Sapphire Blue

20150924 HighTimes2I know, I know, look at me being super unoriginal by picking TWO pairs of High Times in a row, but come on now. These are a super flattering wardrobe staple. The pretty blue color is just a bonus.

Favorite #4: Fluffin’ Awesome Vest ($168) in alarming

20150924 FluffinI am hoping the shiny finish makes the color pop a bit more. I’ve found alarming to be a much more muted color in real life than I do in online photos, so I’m hoping the glossy finish gives it the real life jazz. It totally pops off the page compared to everything else in this week’s lineup.

Favorite #5: Anahatasana Long Sleeve Tee ($68) in heathered sapphire blue

20150924 AnahatasanaSo many A’s in the name! If this makes it to WMTM, I will be buying this and working it into my office wardrobe this winter. Between the Align Pant, the Stirrup WUPs and a few pairs of underwear, this month’s lulu money has been SPENT.

The Dud: Savasana Softshell II ($268) in gator green/heathered fatigue green/black

20150924 SavasanaSSSo, the design is a bit potato sacky but I’ve seen worse. It’s the pose (Look ma I’m in the Matrix) and the price tag (*choke*) that just make me shake my head.


  1. I grabbed those same stirrup pants before the vanished, too! I’m crazy about the purple High Times. If the stirrup pants aren’t amaze balls, there will be a swap. 🙂

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