This Week’s Upload… is Invisible

What the lateness, lulu? 7:48p and still nothing. Did someone forget to hit a button before peacing out of the office to catch the local Taco Tuesday special in Van-City?

Guess I shall step away from the refresh button and make dinner while I wait. Here’s a fun picture I took in Nashville for you to look at while you wait for upload too.

The Parthenon – Nashville, TN
Ready, set, chicken & zucchini!

UPDATE: Lulu’s at least acknowledged the web fail. Perhaps the new website tweaks that were in the works didn’t go off QUITE as planned. Lululemon.com currently looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.30.25 PM

Lulu also responded to me on Twitter around 8:20 saying that they’re working on ironing a few kinks out. Hopefully this means those SE Wunder Under Pants (and other goodies) are coming our way tonight!

Almost 10pm ET, still no dice. Apparently our compulsive refreshes aren’t helping.   

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Upload… is Invisible”

  1. I wasn’t interested in anything at first when I checked the upload this morning. However, I saw the herringbone stirrup leggings in store and kept thinking about them afterwards. Caved and ordered to try them out, even though they will be strictly casual wear, since they are a no-go for hot yoga. Also got the Align pants in store this week. Yes, they feel like clouds. Yes, I feel naked. Yes, my underwear shows. Hmmmm.


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