WMTM Alert! – 9/3/15

lululemonWMTM Alert

WMTM Started the day off with a pretty healthy 93 items. Now 131! I started the day with my alarm going off at 3:37a. On purpose. The things we do in the name of business travel. Like, book 5:50a flights. Then I get to ATL and have flight #2 delayed for an hour and a half on top of my 2.5hr layover. 4 hours in Terminal D! Yeaaaaaah buddy. At least the Food Network Kitchen supplied me with quite the hearty breakfast sammich. 


WMTM Alert – 9/3/15

  • Limited Swiftlies in both LS & SS
  • Lots of last year’s long sleevers that still haven’t sold. Price points are still a bit high though. If your sale section is still significantly higher-priced than other brands’ full-price gear, that’s called #doingitwrong
  • Heathered Jewelled magenta & gold What the Sport Tee in sizes 8 & 10
  • All Sport Support Tanks in 3 different colors for you size 2’s out there
  • The Principle Tank is available in an assortment of sizes across 7 different colors
  • 105F Singlet sighting in Heathered Aquamarine! Size 10 only.
  • Straight Up Bra in 4 diff colors for $29. Sizes vary. 
  • Roll Down WUPs in Alarming, Heat Wave White Black & Regal Plum, only $59!
  • The breeze regal plum Wunder Unders just won’t go away. They’re in WMTM, then they’re not. Then they come back. I don’t get it.
  • Nobody wants Hotty Hot or Super Squad shorts. Get ’em on the cheap now. 

Boarding door closing! Will finish later! Rawr. 


    1. Eesh I was in such a rush, no! However, I’m wearing tranquil blue right now and also love my fresco blue one, so I’m surprised to see them on WMTM at all!

    1. Ahhh my apologies for the delayed reply! Are you looking for recommendations to wear around or work out in? I’d say the thickest and coziest lulu pants I’ve got are full-on luon Wunder Unders. I live in them all winter long! If you get a woven pattern like herringbone, they generally are even thicker! 🙂

  1. I noticed that same thing about the swiftlies and didn’t even bother clicking to see if my sizes were available. For only $4 off, no thank you!

    Did snag a straight up tank in black after it went down another $5. I really like my orange one and think it’s a good basic tank.

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