WMTM Alert! – 8/20/15

WMTM Alert

20 new items today, predominantly last year’s jackets and sweaters that they’re trying to move out of inventory. Here’s a hint… price them to move! Some of these ‘marked down’ prices are still more than a full-priced item would go for elsewhere. Come on now. I feel like again this week, some items from the Warehouse Sale that didn’t sell are now back in WMTM at elevated prices. If something didn’t sell for $39, WHAT makes you think that someone is going to pay $59 for it 4 weeks later? Miss Misty, here’s looking at you.


Here’s what’s in the lululemon rescue shelter looking for a new home:

  • Spring Fling Puffy Vest
  • Light Speed Vest
  • The Miss Misty Jacket in Dashing Purple is new this week
  • Both Ways Bomber
  • Sun Showers Jacket (aka a wearable umbrella)
  • Departure Vest (ick)
  • Var-City & Both Ways Bomber
  • Let’s Get Visible Hoodie (NOTE: original price on this was $228, it’s now marked down to $59. I get that reflective is a bit more expensive, but $228 for a hooded pullover? EESH.)
  • Lots of options on sweaters & LS pullovers!
  • The Inner Essence SS and LS didn’t do so well, they are on WMTM already
  • No new adds to the tank top selection this week
  • DAY TRIP BOYFRIEND PANT! I got those online inΒ July in Alberta Lake… love em. Think I need to get them in black lotus camo πŸ˜€ (Note: they are pictured in my most recent IG post on the left hand side of this page, with the green shirt on)
  • Speed Shorts in Dottie Dash Clarity Yellow in ALL SIZES
  • Pleat to Street in Iris Flower, this is a good deal! ALL SIZES available.


  1. Are the day trip pants TTS? They look great on you! Think they’re versatile enough to be ok on a golf course or a parent teacher conference or a date night?

    1. They are meant to be loose, so I will call them TTS. I float between an 8-10 in High Times and Wunder Unders. According to the official size chart, my bottom half in theory should be a 10. I ALWAYS take a 10 in Speed Shorts, and opted for the 10 in the Day Trip BF pant. On me, they are roomy as the design intended them to be without being too big. Hope this helps!

      1. Thank you so much!! This is helpful! I’m still hesitant because some of my Lulu pants seem to get saggy in the bottom as the day goes on. I’m trying to decide between the 6 (my size for WU, DSP, spring break shorts, HT) or the 8 (my size for speeds, pants with a structured waistband).

        I am thrilled that there were some wear now and wear soon/going into fall offerings.

      2. So I just laid a pair of Speeds over the DT BF Pant. Waistband is the same on both. I just put said pants on and I have maybe an extra 1/2″ of space in the waistband to take in before they start feeling tight, which really isn’t much.

      3. Thanks for the additional info!! Finally ordered the 8s. It feels like gambling when the table minimum over your threshold of pain.

  2. i still havent pulled the trigger on my shopping cart that has 2 straight up tanks in it. i keep holding out for thursdays. im cheap and try to buy lulu on sale only. πŸ˜€

    1. I try and fail on that ‘sale only’ thing πŸ™‚ Heads up on the Straight Up Tank – the arm holes are a bit smaller than your average lulu tank. Not sure what kind of exercise keeps you active, but that piece wasn’t kind to my massive CrossFit shoulders, ended up returning it.

      1. i fail too. especially when i go into the store. πŸ˜€

        thank you for the heads up – im def small up top but have shoulders so i might hold off on the tank. i like shortsleeves for actual working out and dance but wear tight tanks to yoga, and i also kinda wanted it because it seemed like a good work to workout piece but i dont have to have it.

        *dodged a bullet this week*

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