5 Faves & a Dud – 8/18/15 Upload

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Juwanna know how to lose $200 in 2 minutes? Upload. Or a casino. At least with upload you get some cute additions to your wardrobe, with a losing night at the casino you don’t even get to keep your pride, much less your money. Here I was, being so good trying to adhere to a self-imposed lulu budget for the month. Then royal blue snake print High Times happened.

5 Faves & a Dud – 8/18/15 Upload

Favorite #1: High Times Pant ($98) in mini ziggy snake pipe dream blue sapphire blue

IMG_6852I’m an absolute sucker for royal blue, and High Times Pants. These are a bit obnoxious and not really necessary, but they match my rehbands. After a rough week with some family stuff going on… #treatyoself.

Favorite #2: Cool Racerback ($42) in pink lemonade

IMG_6853YAS. A pretty solid! Lighting in the stock photo’s a little pfffft though… *adds to shopping cart anyway*

Favorite #3: Run: Speed Short ($54) in pink lemonade

IMG_6854After ALL THE SHORTS were dropped in pink lemonade last week, I was afraid we wouldn’t see the Speeds. Surpriiiiise! They’re looking a little long in the back like the Fresco Blue Speeds of earlier this year. Eh, If I don’t like them, I return them.

Favorite #4: Ace Skirt ($58) in dream blue sapphire blue/white

IMG_6855The Ace Skirt and dress are back! More royal blue. Drool. I’m so predictable. I didn’t buy this one, but if I played tennis with any regularity, I would have.

Favorite #5: Wunder Under Pant *Hi-Rise ($108) in simply ziggy snake slate deep coal

IMG_6856Want. Don’t need. Didn’t buy. Still want.

The Dud: Beyond Boundaries Tank ($58) in Heathered mod chalky rose

IMG_6858Huuuuuh? If I wanted to look like this I’d drape two hobo bags over my shoulders. Nope. Also, this is the same color of everyone’s worst nightmare when it comes to being a bridesmaid. Dusty rose.

Additional Notes

  • This week’s theme includes a section called ‘Back to Basics‘. This basically means… buy everything in plain black and white.
  • I’m liking how much attention the High Times are getting, in addition to the crazy blue snake print ones, a much more demure gray also uploaded this week.
  • Cooler weather is on its way, and the Go the Distance Jacket and Vest are waiting with open arms. (Open zippers?)
  • We’re seeing the Energy Bra in a new long-winded print: digi pixie caspian blue black/cyber stripe naval blue black/caspian blue. I’m a fan of how the two patterns aren’t the same, yet they complement each other nicely.
  • Pipe dream blue and some new digi lizardry make their mark on the Wild Tank.
  • Not sure how I feel about the new ghost dot Power Y Tank. Have a feeling that this print is inevitably going to show up on some WUPs.
  • The High Times Pant *Metta – do they have anything to do with world peace?
  • The cranberry Stillness Pant. So. Much. Red! Fabric!
  • Does the ankle ruching in the Trailblazer Crop on the mini pop stripe pair make anyone else’s eyes bug out?

Because I’m big into Pipe Dream and solid CRBs and Speeds, it ended up being a slightly pricey week for me, after passing on the last couple uploads. Who bought what this week? Come on, FedEx man!


  1. I ordered Metta high times and the pace rival crops to try. I’ve completely given in to just ordering stuff and returning if I don’t like it because I’m sick of things I want selling out so fast. Now I get annoyed when they don’t haha. I signed up for Fabletics emails but haven’t tried anything they make. But they have a tank that looks identical to the dud there. Also, Fabletics email yesterday went out a couple hours before Lulu upload and said something about back to basics. Very odd to me

    1. That happens to me too! Sometimes I make like Tonto and jump on things I think will sell quick, and then 4-5 weeks later they’re on WMTM. *facepalm*

      I like the variations on the High Times that lulu’s been coming out with lately, let me know how you like the Metta! Whenever there is mesh or sheerness involved, I envision one wrong move with a long fingernail and BOOM I ruined my pants. :p

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