WMTM Alert! – 8/6/15

lululemonWMTM Alert

Only 8 newbies to the lineup this week, noticing that they like to shuffle certain items to the top on the mobile app in an effort to catch attention and move them out of the warehouse! If only they’d fix the bug that doesn’t show discounted prices in the thumbnail view. Wah.


We Made Too Much – 8/6/15

  • The All Good Pullover is available in all colors and sizes for $59! I may bite the bait. All the reviews online complain that the sleeves are too short, but a look at the photos show that the sleeves don’t go very far down on the model. It’s not like lulu misled anyone – peep the pictures before you order, people!
  • The Wrap it Up Tank seems to have… tanked. ALL colors are now on WMTM, despite being a relatively new piece.
  • The jazzy white/gator green scheme joins its blue denim Cool to Street Crop buddy.
  • The Running in the City 7/8 Tight with the mesh backs waiting to get snagged on a bench are available in all core sizes.
  • Roll-Down WUPs are available in a few colourways that I’m surprised to see on sale – Nightsky Harbor Blue Black (not new) and a fun favorite of mine, heat wave white black.
  • Still, nobody wants loose Jet Crops / Namaskar Pants or any of the ‘Seamlessly’ stuff. I don’t blame ya. Not the most flattering – I’ve tried them both on, and haven’t had good luck with either style.

Is anything making it into your shopping cart today?

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