Scope Some of 2015’s Seawheezery


Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 1.43.22 PMSeawheeze weekend is almost here! For those of you who aren’t in the know, Seawheeze is Lulu’s very own Vancouver-based half marathon that sells out within minutes each year. A pretty hot ticket, which includes exclusive product, bragging rights and of course, the opportunity to torture yourself by running 13.1 miles.

Things have a history of going nuckin’ futs at the exclusive showcase store. Mainly, people rush the place, grab far too much and then you’ll find it listed on ebay at a HUGE markup. People get away with this, because unlike Wanderlust, Seawheeze product does not make its way into local stores – a quite literal one stop shop.

For more information on Seawheeze as a whole, check the official Seawheeze website out.

Below is a sneak preview of what this year’s participants and Vancouver’s resident lulu freaks are in for. For those of you who aren’t into brightly-colored wacky prints, there will be no FOMO for you. This is not the lululemon you’re looking for.


Not upset to be missing out on either of these. The pink & orange is wild & crazy, but the squiggles for some reason aren’t winning me over. Oh well.SW5

Liking the baseball-ish tee style for the men. I wonder if there are any crazy designs on the back?SW4

Enjoying this vibrant green for the men. Again, fun details but not so obnoxious that they wouldn’t make it into a normal guy’s usual gym gear rotation.SW3

Pardon me if I’m mistaken, but the Stash it Tank – wasn’t that a bit of a flop in stores? Perhaps this is a colourway that never got released in season, and now it’s Seawheeze’s job to resuscitate an otherwise meh design.SW2

I’ll take lulu’s word on it with the Take Two Bra, seeing that you can’t see any of it in this photo. AGAIN with a great green CRB, but the striped piping around the armholes and neck don’t leave me feeling left out. I believe those are BUGS on the Speed Shorts, as if the odd butterfly-ness dropped this week wasn’t enough to fulfill your desire for entomology in your wardrobe.
SW1The Swiftly LS has a little bit of that vibe of the snake pattern Swiftly Racerback that was uploaded this week. Looking like a bit darker version of Fresco Blue. Love the base color, but the pattern isn’t for me.

As for the Speeds, they look like what the confetti cake ones currently available to the masses wanted to be, but just didn’t manage to pull off. I think they’re supposed to be microbes, but I’m going to channel inner thoughts of rainbow sprinkles. Rainbow sprinkles make the world go round.

What do you all think of the exclusive gear? Are any one of my kickass readers running Seawheeze this year?


  1. Interested to see what kind of inspire crops there will be this year. I looooove the green too. I’ll maybe get some of it later on in a few months on the FB boards, and maybe eBay. We’ll see.

    1. I’m definitely curious too. May even be more curious about the appropriately named Curiosity Lager than I am the exclusive threads!

  2. I’m running it for the first time this year! So far from the previews, I’m definitely interested in the gray speeds (you hit the nail on the had with the rainbow sprinkles comment) and I am mildly interested in the green CRB only because the only greenish color I have is my clear mint one. I’m definitely NOT interested in the bug print (it’s definitely bugs) and also, kinda funny, those are mislabeled as speeds when they are definitely trackers. Will have to see what else they have at the expo – I’m hoping they have some Tuck and Flow LS tops like last year – that’s one of my favorite fall pieces (with a pair of jeggings, totally work appropriate. haha).

    1. That’s awesome! You must be so pumped for this weekend. Wonder if they’ll do something horrible like make Wunder Unders covered in bugs? I want to see pictures! Shoot, I’d love for you to do a guest post about the weekend after it’s over. Totally up to you! 🙂

      1. I am SO down to do a guest post! Hell yes. Now I have a reason to fully embrace the madness and take way too many pictures!

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