Deep Thoughts With Lulu III


Agh, I’ve been sitting on these for a couple days now, I can’t hold out until Friday to share! This Deep Thoughts section is becoming increasingly more fun. While there’s something fun about a classic stylus & doodle, I couldn’t help but pull out the big guns and fire up Photoshop this week. 

It all started so innocently. Her hair looked like an umbrella hat, so I filled in the blanks.

Then, lulu decided it was two-fer Tuesday. 

From there, our poor friend Walter got sat on. Life in the 2nd dimension just isn’t that easy.

Sasha Fierce then stepped into the studio. Amateur hour is over, ladies. New lulu theme song goes something like this: “If you liked it then you shoulda bought it on Tuesday.”


Then, this happened. 

Whoa… Whatcha doin’ over there?

Frickin’ lululaserbeams, THAT’S WHAT.


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