The Fitting Room: All Tied Up Tank & Cool to Street Tank


Walk off jetway, find lululemon & lunch. It’s what I do. This time I ended up at the store in Costa Mesa, CA to check out what new stock they received! No Picnic Play Dress. Boooooo.

All Tied Up Tank

I’ve been seeing the All Tied Up Tank in photos from more than one US store in an Alarming/Navy Blue striped pattern.

IMG_6431 IMG_6432

I really like the All Tied Up Tank whenever I see it on others, so I took this one in hoping that I’d have a change of heart since the last time I tried one on. STILL no dice! I even chose the larger of my two shirt sizes in hopes that it would leave more fabric to tie up. It also left more fabric to billow around when untied. Long torso results in a short tank that falls in an odd spot on me. If you’re a shorter girl, this top will likely work for you, as long as you’re okay with getting lost in a bit of free fabric if you choose to wear this tank loose.

Cool to Street Tank

IMG_6437 IMG_6438

Sometimes, you take things into the fitting room that you don’t think you’ll like and end up pleasantly surprised. THIS IS NOT one of those times. I think my face says it all. The Cool to Street Tank is a combo of sheer fabric that drapes strangely and an open back that makes you almost wonder why there’s a back to the shirt at all.

When it comes to the Cool to Street Tank, I’d recommend saving your money for next time.

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