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This Week’s Upload: The Amount of Alarming is Alarming

My brain is too amped for this weekend to write a witty opening paragraph for this week’s edition of 5 Faves & a Dud. All I know is that at first look, there’s a f*ck ton of Alarming going on right now. Heads up. I’ve seen this color in person, it’s heavily twinged with orange. If you’re looking for something cherry red, Alarming is not your color.

The faster I type this, the faster I can get to packing my suitcase for the Games. VAMOS!

5 Faves & a Dud – 7/21/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Cool Racerback ($42) in flash light

CRBFlashFavorite core style in yet another pretty color. A pinker version of Grapefruit, so I have no business buying this tank. Then again, I had no business buying a Tranquil Blue Swiftly LS with Fresco Blue in the closet, but we all have weak moments.

Favorite #2: Pedal to the Medal Singlet ($54) in black/heathered black

PTMTankThis tank is interesting, in a good way! I really like the color blocking, and am a fan of the mesh fabric. I own the What the Sport SS in the black mesh used in this tank, and I really love how lightweight it is on a hot day.

Favorite #3: Pace Rival Crop ($98) in wee are from space black slate/grapefruit

PaceRivalMore color blocking, and more of me loving on it! No need to ramble, long story short is that I’m really digging these crops.

Favorite #4: Energy Bra ($48) in alarming/grapefruit

EnergyAlarmingAs I said before, Alarming’s got an orange twinge, so stay away if you’re looking for a true RED. However, because of its orange undertones, grapefruit ends up being a great complimentary hue.

Favorite #5: Wunder Under Crop II (Roll Down – Mesh) ($92) in wee are from space silver spoon/silver spoon

WUC_SEThe scalloped edges are a real win for me. If there is a way for lines to seem upbeat and fun, these are. If you’re in the market for a lighter-colored crop and are frustrated with the epic stripe fail that is the current offering of the cyber stripe silver fox High Times, these are a great alternative!

The Dud: Pedal To The Medal 7/8 Tight *Full-On Luxtreme ($108…!!!) in ace spot grain black/black

PTM78PantI am over and done with this ace spot grain dottie dash polka dot ink dab from your grandma’s bingo marker pattern thing lulu’s been pushing. Bring back ziggy wee already. After the color blocked tranquil blue/alarming featured in WWL last week, I was expecting something more jazzy. Not this. Also, they’re full-on luxtreme, which I do NOT like… AND the price point is in the triple digits. Nope nope nope.

Additional Notes

  • Alarming is running the table. 13 items available in this attention-grabbing color.
  • Banana leaf white black is sneaking into the mix on WUPs and a few bags.
  • An old school favorite, the Groove Pant is available in both regular AND TALL lengths.
  • The Roll-Down WUP in stripe play slate black/black is kinda freaking me out with all that side mesh. It’s asking to get snagged on a broken nail.
  • Oh geez. I missed the Step Lively Crop at first look. They should have been The Dud. Oh well.
  • I wonder if the Alarming WUCs will be sheer? Anyone? Bueller? Whoever’s got insight, let me know!
  • I’ve been kicking myself for letting the Navy High Times sell out months ago. Welp, they’re available now but the kicker is that they’re full-on luxtreme. Fullux and I aren’t friends. Boo.
  • The All Sport Crop is a nice fit, but I tried them on last week and was not a fan of the pocket that’s bonded on. It gets a bit warpy funny when you bend your leg at the hip. Beware!
All Sport Crop - Notice how the bonded pocket no longer lays flat when you bend at the hip. Not a smooth line, and TBH it give you that awkward feeling of trying to sit down when you have a piece of paper folded in your front pocket.
All Sport Crop – Notice how the bonded pocket no longer lays flat when you bend at the hip. Not a smooth line, and TBH it give you that awkward feeling of trying to sit down when you have a piece of paper folded in your front pocket.

1 thought on “This Week’s Upload: The Amount of Alarming is Alarming”

  1. i just started reading your blog. dam you are one funny lady hahaha!

    thanks for the review of the all sport crop. this totally made me not want them anymore. good news for the wallet 😉


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