This Week’s Upload: Buy Bali & Breeze By the Rest

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

I am the lateness on this, because my bedtime was majorly early last night. Like, under the covers at 8:52p. 10 hours of sleep and a Venti cold brew from Starbucks really do a body good.

Good thing the Picnic Play Dress came with photos in last week’s WWL, because it sold out overnight!

5 Faves & a Dud – 7/14/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Picnic Play Dress ($98) in black

Waffle for 12 hours if you want it or not and *poof* it’s gone overnight. Guess I’m not the only one who liked it! I’ll try to find a store this weekend and see if I can A) find it and B) try it on! Shelf bra built in with cup inserts for the WIN.

Favorite #2: Cool Racerback ($42) in bali breeze

 Insert emoji with hearts for eyes here. Bought!

Favorite #3: All Good Pullover in ($98) in heathered alarming/ alarming

Color me excited that this is made from the stretch French terry, which is much less scratchy on the inside than the cotton terry some of the On the Daily hoodies have been made out of recently. Also loving the satiny detail along the bottom. Had I not just dropped a bunch of $ on A TRIP TO THE CROSSFIT GAMES, then maybe I would have felt rich enough to make an exception to the lulu budget for this piece. It’s a perfect color for September & October.

Favorite #4: Weekend LS ($68) in Heathered medium grey/silver spoon  I get distracted by shiny things. Like these sleeves.

Favorite #5: Swiftly Tech LS ($68) in heathered peacock blue  It’s like she’s giving me the look saying “you know you want this.” YES I want this but Fresco Blue AND Tranquil Blue in my closet mean NO I can’t have this.

The Dud: High Times Pant ($98) in cyber stripe white silver foxSome of you may be scratching your head on this choice, but 3 simple words are the reason that these earn the dishonor of the week. STRIPE ALIGNMENT FAIL.

I have not seen ONE single pair of these in non-zip that have had the stripes align on the center seams. Lulu can’t even find a good pair to use in their stock photos. This is just plain sloppy workmanship, and I hope that everyone refuses to buy these. Buying them will only make lulu think that a fail like this is acceptable.

Has anyone seen a non-zip pair that’s lined up so far?

Additional notes to come a little bit later. I just wrote this entire post on an iPhone and my fingers are tired.


  1. Snagged the bali breeze CRB too, amazed it didn’t sell out. Thought about the dress but didn’t pull the trigger so too late for me. I was worried about the fit so if I see it in store, awesome. If not, oh well!

  2. Did the same as Lizz, bought the bali crb and waffled on the dress, and now out of luck. Luckily I have two stores near me, so a trip to lulu may be in store this weekend. I’d also like to try the floral backdrop speeds that came out last week, since I bought the tranquil blue swiftly LS last night too!

  3. Bought the crb and the new gingham energy bra. I like the blue straps on it. Pretty. Had the dress in my cart but was worried about the fit- in the pics, it almost didn’t look like it fit 100% great. Hoping it comes in locally to try on. I was surprised on the low price point. Crossing fingers.

    Those high times!! I wanted them but the stripes! That’s the basic test of quality workmanship and it’s such a eyesore. Sigh.

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