Countdown to Pistachio: a Photo Diary


This is how to pass the final hours that stand between me and the release of the Pistachio CRB in the US. This post will be updated throughout the day.

I’m going to be straight with you here, this is a fluff post of the randomness that runs through my brain all day long. I’m weird. You’ve been warned.

Countdown to Pistachio: a Photo Diary

7:00a – Wake up bummed that my local store didn’t get any in their Monday shipment.

8:00a – Go to physical therapy for good ol De Quervain’s. Play with hammer and grippy springy contraption, get bionic iontophoresis patch again. Note that its funny smell is starting to annoy me.

 9:00a – Take stupid car selfies. Post on IG @luluandthebox.

 10:00a – Get mocked by a golf ball paper weight. Tweet about it.

11:00a – Play catch with a regulation football in the office. No one bats an eyelash. Working in sports has its perks. Downgrade to mini foam baseball for the injury’s sake.

12:30p – Go home for a chicken sandwich, which was so uneventful that I didn’t even take a picture. Kind of defeats the purpose of a photo diary. Oops.

1:30p – Feed the LaCroix addiction. Fun Chevron cup optional. 

2:30p – Slow moving day in the office. Snack time distraction. Also, it’s been 6 hours since my robot medicine bandage went on. I can now take it off. YASSSSS.

3:00p – Time for my usual 3pm Quest bar so I don’t pass out at CrossFit. Yes, I’m actually going to CrossFit today! Today’s WOD is called Death by Burpees. Doesn’t sound like a good time, but my doctor hasn’t banned me from doing burpees and I miss everyone! 4:30p – Begin to hem and haw over going to CrossFit because my Weather app is screaming at me with these gems…  4:54p – Still waffling.


5:30p –  Weather ended up being all huff and no puff. I quit making excuses and went to CrossFit.


6:36p – Hit the gas pedal through no fewer than 3 yellow traffic lights on the way home from the box.

6:50p – Walk in house, sit on floor as to not get furniture all gross. Calmly wait for Max the Macbook to wake up. (Yes, my electronics have names.)


7:04p – Look at total in shopping cart. Bank account says… you don’t need all the things, even if Amex says you can.

*deletes Pistachio Spring Breakaway Shorts & Iris Flower Roll-Down WUCs*

7:07p – Order Confirmed. Pistachio CRB, WELCOME TO THE PARTY! Feel free to bring your friend, Grapefruit. Ordered him too so you wouldn’t have to travel to your new home all alone. I’m so nice.


  1. The wait is *killing* me.

    And if there is no pistachio? There will be a riot.

    This is obviously dramatic drop Tuesday. 😉

    Love the blog too btw!

    1. Got it. Whew.

      Surprisingly, that’s the only thing I bought. I kept putting things in the cart, but then didn’t love it enough to buy it… i.e. new speeds, bras, etc. Perhaps will regret it later, but have sat here long enough that I don’t think so.

      I liked the overall brighter colors than the previous weeks drops. That’s a plus. Looking forward to hearin what you have to say about the upload.

      1. Got mine! Once I calm the eff down from that adrenaline and shower off the “death by burpees” WOD I just did, 5 Faves & a Dud is coming your way!

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