The Fitting Room: All Tied Up Tank & Straight Up Tank


Next up, 2 more tanks that were a total crapshoot. I’ve seen many eds wearing the All Tied Up Tank both online and in real life. As for the Straight Up Tank, I ordered one a month ago in the wrong size due to misinformation on the tank’s fit (it is NOT tight as the website says), which I had ultimately returned.

All Tied Up Tank

IMG_5846I like the idea of this tank, I really do. I’m not allergic to using a hair elastic to gather a looser shirt in the back to show off my figure. However, my height ruined this shirt. In order to get enough fabric in hand to tie a knot, it went up  practically to my waist, which wasn’t a good look. On the flip side, it was way too billowy when it was let down. If I want to wear a muumuu, I’ll go back to Hawaii.


Straight Up Tank

IMG_5847Alas, this tank was made for women with larger chests. However, if you’ve got large CrossFit shoulders, this tank is NOT for you. The armholes are oddly tiny. The fit and length is much like a Studio Racerback. If you’re into that fit and don’t lift weights, this may be a good tank for you.

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