This Week’s Upload: Underwhelming at Best

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Want to know what’s more exciting than this week’s upload?

this nail polish and these plaid wunder unders
these bangin’ tortilla chips
this stupid outfit I actually left the gym in

After scoring on some marked down swimwear and caving on the Heathered Poseidon CRB on Sunday afternoon, I spent the majority of any office daydreaming I did today hoping that this week’s upload wouldn’t be too impressive. You know, because lulu isn’t free. Thankfully, this may win the prize for the least exciting upload since I began rambling on this little blog of mine… as illustrated by the jazzy images up above.

I should probably rename this week’s list “5 Pieces I’d consider wearing if someone gifted them to me & a Dud (or 6)”, but that’s just too many words for anyone.

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/16/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Flow Y Bra IV in Iris Flower ($42)

2015-06-16 FlowYIVGorgeous color in a classic style. I dig it.

Favorite #2: What the Sport Tee in Heathered Gator Green ($58)

2015-06-16 WTSTeeThe diagonal heathering is what does it for me. Denim shorts, aviators, flip flops and a long gold necklace. Now that’s an outfit.

Favorite #3: Inspire Tight II (Mesh) in space dye twist iris flower pink shell/iris flower ($102)

2015-06-16 InspireThe pattern earns the spot on the list, not so much the tights themselves. Zip and mesh and trim, oh my! You’re the reason I plan to wait for Wunders or High Times in these print to fall from the sky!

HA… I rhymed. Look at me go.

Favorite #4: Out & About Tote in Black ($128)

2015-06-16 OutAboutCan’t go wrong with a classic black tote.

Favorite #5: Run Times Short *4-way Stretch in Poseidon ($54)

2015-06-16 RunTimesHave yet to give the Run Times style a try, but THE COLOR. I lurve it <3

The Dud: Happy Strappy Long Line Bra in bleacher stripe black iris flower/black ($58)

2015-06-16 HSLongLineI know I called this piece out as worth taking a look last week, but this busy print has me taking that back. Plenty strappy but this busy print doesn’t make me happy. Better luck next week!

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  1. I’m on board with that outfit idea, I might steal it – fair warning!

    And yeah, dud of an upload. But I do have my eye on the Poseidon run times. Will prob have to order 2 sizes as the fit of those can be as inconsistent as recent speeds. Run times are decent, but wish they’d bring back the turbo run shorts. Those were the BEST for coverage and muscular thighs.

    1. Hm! I’ll have to try the Run Times for myself sometimes. Believe it or not, I actually refuse to run in Speeds, I consider them my squat shorts 😛

      1. Yeah I don’t run in the speeds either! My thighs touch (gasp!! lol) and this causes all sorts of riding up with the speeds. I find myself running in either the turbos/groovy runs, or tight, compression shorts like the lulu shorty shorts.

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