The Fitting Room: Superb Tank & Inspiration Tank

Here we go, 2 more looks at some of the latest, as seen on a 5’9″ CrossFit athlete who likes to lift weights and eat cookies. Actually, last night was this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Bark from Whole Foods. SO GOOD. I digress.

Superb Tank

Superb Tank in Zest
Superb Tank in Zest
I like the look and feel of the tank, even if the fabric used in the Superb collection looks a bit worn, as I mentioned yesterday. My only concern in the open hem detail along the sides. One snag on a button or hook in the wash and this poor shirt will be shot. It’s a risk I’m willing to take! I almost bought it, but they didn’t have my size in Black. If you give this top a try, go with your CRB size.

Inspiration Tank

Inspiration Tank II in heathered slate/jewelled magenta
Inspiration Tank II in heathered slate/jewelled magenta
You may have seen this one in last night’s 5 Faves & a Dud. Though it has a built in bra, use your CRB size if it’s smaller than your Energy Bra size. If you missed out on the Heathered Slate CRB, this is made of the same crazy soft fabric, so snap it up while you can! Not a huge fan of the 2 prints available, and given the fact that I already own a combo of bras & tanks that match the 2 solids, I’ll wait this one out for something new.

This tank seems TTS, shown here in a 10. I wear an 8 in the CRB, and would have bought an 8 if I chose to take the Inspiration Tank home 🙂

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