CrossFit Games Update: Week 3 Recap

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Photo: CrossFit Games Official Facebook
Photo: CrossFit Games Official Facebook

With Week 3 in the books, the field has been set for the 2015 CrossFit Games! Per usual, here are my stunted Clif’s Notes:

  • Julie Foucher. Her games season comes to a heartbreakingly premature end with an Achilles injury on Event 3, and instead of withdrawing, she put the boot on and did what she could, making the most out of her last season as a Games-level competitor.
  • Rookie Brooke Wells shows up the field in the Central region. Between her and Maddy Myers, a new wave of younger athletes are on their way to take over.
  • Iceland eats their wheaties. Out of the 10 athletes who qualified for the games from the Meridian Region (aka, all of Europe AND Africa), half of them are from Iceland. They’re doing it right.
  • Things got Wild in the West. The top spots in the men’s competition were separated by a miniscule margin.

HQ has the lowdown waiting for you on YouTube.

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