This Week’s Upload is Making Me Hungry… for Grapefruits & Pistachios

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Tuesday already? *fist pump* Let’s see what’s on deck this week. As promised by Katelin in What We Love, we’ve got more swimwear for everyone who was diligent enough to start working on their bikini body back in February. This is also new swimwear to give the rest of us #goals to fit into by the 4th of July with a few extra hours in the gym. This marks the 2nd week in a row the US gets a new heathered CRB, and a few more new colourways for you FTBW junkies out there.

Seeing that I had time to have an epic fitting room session at my local store today, I can actually provide a few looks of this week’s favorites on a size 8-10 CrossFit athlete, and not a smaller website model. Let’s roll!

5 Faves & a Dud – 6/2/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Free to Be WILD Bra in floral sport white multi/pistachio ($48)

IMG_5296At first Iook, I liked this print, then I thought twice about it, then I liked it again because of the purple and green. Then, lulu done gone and added those GORGEOUS Pistachio mixed straps to the back. It was one of those “squee!” moments when you put something on in the fitting room and see it for the first time.

I only bought 1 item today, and this was it. I’ve already sweat through something like 15 rounds of Cindy and 5000m on the rower in this bra and I’ve only owned it for 6 hours. If you wear it with green camo pants like I did, you kind of end up looking like you’re dressed up as a flowerbed.

Favorite #2: Cool Racerback in heathered poseidon ($42)

2015-06-02 CRB HPI can’t get enough of the CRB. Still fingers crossed for that Pistachio one they have in the UK. That doesn’t mean heathered poseidon won’t sit in my shopping cart for a little bit.

Favorite #3: Inspiration Tank II in heathered slate/jewelled magenta ($58)

2015-06-02 Inspiration Tank iiHonestly tried it on only for kicks, didn’t think I’d be into it. However, I really ended up liking this top! It just didn’t make sense to buy, seeing that I already own a heathered slate CRB and JM Energy Bra. I tried on a 10 in this tank, which is my Energy Bra size, but it was a bit loose. Had I bought this tank, I’d have taken home an 8. The torso seems slightly shorter than a CRB. It was super comfortable, I’d recommend giving it a try in store.

Favorite #4: Free to Be Bra in pistachio ($42)

2015-06-02 FTB PistachioI absolutely cannot stop drooling over this shade of green. Makes me think of wonderful things like margaritas and lime popsicles. This style isn’t my favorite, seeing that it’s not very bounce-friendly, but DAT PISTACHIO DOE.

I can’t believe I just said that. Good thing I don’t have an Editor to fire me from writing on my own blog.

Favorite #5: Runbeam Hoodie in toothpaste ($98)

Runbeam HoodieHere’s another piece I gave a try this afternoon. The only thing that deterred me from bringing it home today was the steep price tag. I’m just going to sit with fingers crossed and hope that it ends up in WMTM. What if we all band together and not buy them on purpose so they will go on sale faster? Eh? Anyone in? There’s power in numbers, people.

The Dud: Layer Up Dress in heathered silver spoon ($98)

2015-06-02 Layer Up DressTwo words: potato sack.

Other Random Notes

  • The What the Sport Singlet came out in a pretty green close to Pistachio – Dragonfly
  • If you’re a Swiftly fan, there are a few new options in the LS, SS and racerback tank.
  • The Salty Swim line has both toothpaste & grapefruit-colored components added in this week.
  • I really wish the Surf Short wasn’t so short that my ass hangs out of them. They really are the cuteness.
  • The Surf to Sand Booster Top was in the running to make my top 5 this week. I wonder if it has padding in it?
  • There’s a new one-piece swimsuit in town, the Salty Swim Front Racer. This looks like it won’t go anywhere if you try to hang ten and end up in an epic wipeout instead. That’s a good thing.
  • Another All Sport Support Tank. Snooze.
  • It was in the 40’s in June here today. It was in the 80’s 2 days ago. Maybe I should have tried on that Define Jacket today after all.
  • Mostly uninspired by the new bottoms that are available. The only ones I took notice of were the new Speed Tight III in floral backdrop blue denim multi. Me likey.
  • Sweat Cuffs? What are everyone’s thoughts on Sweat Cuffs?

Alright, that’s all I got. Only $6 out of pocket this week, seeing that the FTBW was an exchange for that oversized Straight Up Tank I ordered 2 weeks ago.

Raise your hand if your wallet’s in danger this week!


  1. I like the idea of sweat cuffs, especially with the little key pocket. It would be good for outdoor runs, where you sweat profusely, but can’t really carry a towel. I don’t think these would mop up much sweat, but I know when I run, I only want to wipe the sweat when it’s about to get into my eyes, so a big sweat rag isn’t needed.

    1. I’ll have to check them out if I see a pair in stores. I have a random cuff from TJ Maxx that serves the key pocket purpose, but it’s not absorbent at all. If made with the right fabric, I may be persuaded to give them a try!

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