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The Fitting Room: Runbeam Hoodie & Superb LS

Love when a shifted work schedule results in a random weekday off. Found time to go to the doctor and check out this bum wrist of mine (not broken, woo!), hit up Whole Foods for lunch and of course, field trip to lululemon. Tried on a ton of stuff, think the eds may have thought I fell asleep in the fitting room, it took so long.

Runbeam Hoodie in Toothpaste

Runbeam Hoodie

Here’s the Runbeam Hoodie, also available in Floral Sport. The print seemed a bit busy for a full on long sleeve, so I opted to give the Toothpaste a go. Pictured here is a size 8, which is also my CRB size. It’s a nice thin fabric, but the lighter color is a bit sheer. Priced at $98, I’ll keep this one on the radar for darker colors or wait for it to show up at a lower price on WMTM.

Superb LS in Iris Flower

Superb LSI was pretty excited about this top when it dropped 2 weeks ago, but I held off once I saw a Pistachio CRB overseas in hopes that it will come stateside soon. After seeing this color in person, I’m happy that I didn’t make the impulse buy. The fabric is has that lovely soft and worn feeling, but it also looks the same way… worn. Did they all get thrown in the dryer 50x before shipping to stores?

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