Upload – The CRB You’ve Been Waiting For… Oh, and Tennis

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon
Inner Harbor – Baltimore, MD

Time flies when you’re having fun. Time also flies when you’re flying. Just kidding, it totally doesn’t. It drags your day on and makes you do things like drink wine and eat King Size Kit Kat bars. Oh wait… just me? Whoopsie.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Saw a lot of Murph posts up on IG yesterday. I field tripped to Maryland for a college friend’s wedding, so yesterday was spent putzing around Inner Harbor/Harbor East area before heading to the airport to fly out. No working out… just shoving that aforementioned Kit Kat in my face and stopping at Whole Foods en route home from the airport and getting some Mac & Cheeeeeese. #sorrynotsorry

See? Sometimes I leave the house in clothes that aren’t lululemon. I’ll have you all know that after a sale and a store credit burning a hole in my pocket, I managed to bring that dress home from LOFT for $2.71. Original price on the tag was something like $80. Oh, and IT HAS POCKETS. I win.

Time for your regularly scheduled Tuesday night madness!

5 Faves & a Dud

Favorite #1: Superb Long Sleeve Tee in Iris Flower ($68)

2015-05-26 SuperbLS

I absolutely adore this color. However, it’s hot as cojones out right now, and the last thing I can think of is putting on long sleeves. I did do it today when I was in a standoff with a few pissed off bees and a yellow jacket that were blocking me from getting my lunch off the grill. Didn’t want to get stung, and the bee and her bee buddies were not happy when I tried to get them to leave my tongs covered in steak juice alone. What an episode that was.

Favorite #2: Superb Tank in Black ($48)

2015-05-26 SuperbTank

This gem snuck in under the radar! If the Cool Racerback and the Yogi Racerback had a love child, it would be this tank. I want it.

Favorite #3: Cool Racerback in Heathered Jewelled Magenta ($42)

2015-05-26 CRBJM

Better get yours before Elle Woods buys them all.

Favorite #4: Party Om Bag in Gradient Zig Zag Neutral Multi/Deep Coal ($68)

2015-05-26 PartyOM

The fact that I’m a sucker for a deceptively roomy crossbody AND chevron patterns earns the Party Om Bag a spot in this week’s top picks.

Favorite #5: Ace Dress in Black/Scratch Match Black Multi ($108)

2015-05-26 AceDress

If you’re not a tennis player, I can see how you’d gloss over this capsule entirely. However, I have been playing tennis since before I can remember, and this dress is the cuteness. At least to me it is. While the White says Wimbledon, the Black screams US OPEN. The US Open holds a special place in my doofy little heart as one of the first mega huge sporting events that I worked. It was an opportunity that inspired me to walk away from the miserable job I had in insurance and continue to pursue my dream job in sports. Long sappy story short… the black dress wins.

The Dud: Race to Win Run Hat in Crosscourt petal black pow pink light/Sea mist ($32)

2015-05-26 Hat

I actually had to stop and think about this week’s Dud. Usually there’s one piece that screams GAWD AWFUL and there’s no second thought to it. So, I’m going to go with a knee jerk reaction and choose the item with the pattern that makes my eyes hurt. I am not so much into generic ball caps, so that cemented my selection. Sorry, hat.

Other Random Notes

  • The All Sport Support Tank is now available in all White. I tried one on over the weekend, and still don’t get what the fuss is about. It fell a little funny on me. Oh well.
  • Still not loving the Dottie Dash Clarity Yellow print. Maybe it’s due to my adventure with the angry bees this afternoon.
  • I DO like the new scratch match prints that are coming down the pipeline. Unfortunately the darker contrasts seem more appropriate for a fall release, not summer.
  • The latest Seamlessly Street Crop in Heathered Black has a fun gradient pattern going on at the knees!
  • The All You Need Bra looks a bit like the Salty Swim Racer top, and I like it! Hovered over the “Add to Cart” button for a minute, but chickened out given the new JM Energy Bra I got last week.

I really do love that Iris Flower Superb LS, and the Superb Tank. Both are in my cart right now.

What are your thoughts on this week’s latest?


  1. Blasphemy! The hat is cute even though I like the other print (not up yet) better. 😜

    Just the JM CRB for me. My JM energy bra finally hauled its sorry ass to my doorstep today. Woot!

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