Follow the Road to Carson: Pacific Regional


Holy regionals weekend, Batman. From the Pacific, East and California Regionals, it was nonstop action around the clock. I loved that the Pacific Regional’s timing put it in prime time television watching hours here on the East Coast. Minus the part where I kept staying up way past my bedtime each night to watch.

2015-05-25 Feature
Photos: CrossFit Games Official Instagram

For all of you instagram fans, here’s the latest in the ‘Follow the Road to Carson’ series, presenting the top finishers in the Pacific region.


1) Khan Porter | @iamkhanporter

2) Rob Forte | @rob_forte

3) Chad Mackay | @mackay_chad

4) Kevin Manuel | @kev_manuel [Private Account]

5) Ben Garard | @bennygarard


1) Kara Webb | @karawebb1

2) Alethea Boon | @alethea_boon

3) Tia-Clair Toomey | @tiaclair1

4) Denae Brown | @denaebrown

5) Sammy Wood | @sammywood26

Quick links to each account are above, or you can follow straight from the embeds below. Oh, and don’t forget about following yours truly @luluandthebox! #kthx



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