Follow the Road to Carson: South Regional

Instagram | @thedavecastro
Instagram | @thedavecastro

Next up in the ‘Follow the Road to Carson’ series – the top athletes from the South Regional!


1) Roy Gamboa | @cfroygamboa

2) Travis Williams | @travis29140

3) Jordan Cook | @jcrossfitcook

4) Adrian Conway | @adrianconway_

5) Chad Cole | #doesntbelieveininstagram #whompwhomp


1) Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet | @camillelbaz

2) Margaux Alvarez | @321gaux

3) Amanda Goodman | @_amandagoodman (Note: Private Account)

4) Jenn Jones | @jennjonescf

5) Maddy Myers | @maddy.myers1

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