This Week’s Upload: 5 Faves & a Dud

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

2015-05-19 Featured

Lulu’s latest & greatest is up! At first thought, I wanted to pull a Jimmy Fallon and say ‘ew!’ as a general sentiment over the entire upload, but it was super easy to find 5 favorites in this batch. Catch it all here.

Some dull prints and odd pieces unfortunately overshadow a few items that could be hits, if they didn’t have to take a back seat to all the artsy poppy runsie weirdness. Without further ado…

5 Faves & a Dud

Favorite #1: Straight Up Tank shown in Very Light Flare ($42)

2015-05-19 Straight Up Tank

I almost posted on HeyLululemon a few weeks ago wondering if they would make a layering tank that wasn’t racerback. I wear CRB’s often in casual outfits, yet sometimes necklines are too wide and the racerback’s poking out at the neck creates an unkempt look. While Very Light Flare is pictured above, I’ll likely order a plain white one to give it a whirl and take things from there.

Favorite #2: Energy Bra in Jewelled Magenta ($48)

2015-05-19 Energy

I already own a bazillion Energy Bras. I do not need another. Going to try real hard to exercise willpower here… but then again whenever I say in a post that I’m going to try not to buy something, I turn around and do it 4 days later. FOMO gets expensive, y’all.

Favorite #3: Love Tee II in Straightup Stripe Black White ($58)

2015-05-19 Love

Love me a Love Tee! These are phenomenal for casual AND business casual throughout the warmer months. Plus, I will always be up for mixing jail stripes and camo. When it comes to my style, it’s the one look that I definitely don’t need to worry about anyone else copying.

Favorite #4: Jet Crop (Slim Trouser) in Heat Wave White Black / Butter Pink ($88)

2015-05-19 JET

I generally accept that my body can’t pull off the ‘boyfriend pant’ look without looking like I’ve gained 30lbs. However, this slimmer, more fitted version of the Jet Crop gives me hope. Plus, a nice pattern always helps to hide imperfections.

Favorite #5: High Times Pant in Heathered Slate ($88)

2015-05-19 High

If this is the same fabric that the Heathered Slate CRB is made of… THESE WILL BE THE MOST COMFORTABLE PAIR OF PANTS YOU WILL EVER WEAR. I may or may not be a little too in love with this style of pant. How can you go wrong with NO muffin top?

The Dud: Be Free Runsie in Mini Art Pop White Multi ($98)

2015-05-19 Runsie

Short women with interesting taste in prints… have fun with this one. I just can’t.

Honorable Mention: Run: Inspire II Crop in Art Pop Black Multi. That print tho #NOPE

Other Random Notes

  • Anyone else think the Inner Essence Bra should be renamed “50 Shades of Lulu”?
  • The Clarity Yellow What the Sport Singlet is rockin’ a bumble bee looking trim around the neckline
  • All Sport Support Tank… no matter how many colorways come out, I just can’t bring myself to like you
  • The latest FTBW in Peach Fuzz and the animal prints leave much to be desired. The patterns on the straps kick ass, but the main color could stand to be a bit brighter.
  • Fans of the Tracker Short can finally get their hands on Pigment Wave Multi!
  • Jewelled Magenta also makes its way to the Liberty Short for the hot yoga lovers out there.
  • Om Pant = Hammer Pants. Amirite?

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