Lululemon Var-City Tank


I’m torn. I’m torn between telling you all how great the lululemon Var-City tank is and lying and saying it’s horrible so no one buys it and it ends up on WMTM so I can get more colors at a discount.

IMG_4537  IMG_4538

Air conditioning is a wonderful thing. I’ve been working down south in the bayou all week, where the humidity takes no prisoners and straight hair turns to KESHA CRAZY after 10 minutes outdoors. When you don’t have the chance to be in a climate-controlled happy place, this tank is AMAZING. It’s a classy version of swiss cheese (full of holes), but it’s still cute, comfortable and most of all… functional.

IMG_4560 The Var-City tank is extremely flattering. The mesh fabric isn’t as floppy as other light fabrics like Vitasea, so it has a clean and crisp look to it. The keyhole in back perfectly shows off an Energy or Free to Be bra in the back – yet it remains tasteful.

All week I’ve been outdoors and sweating up a storm, and I cannot tell you how phenomenal it feels when a breeze comes through the holes incorporated into the fabric. It’s a looser fit, yet not so loose that it’s baggy. While it may not seem like it’s the jazziest piece in the world on lulu’s website – it’s a phenomenal piece in person!

Electric Coral seems to have taken off and sold out in all sizes except 10, but Black & Sea Mist are still up for grabs. My only regret on this top is not having bought it sooner. I want to wear this tank ALL THE TIME.


  1. Did you stay TTS in this tank? I’m trying to decide between 6 (my 105 size) and 8 (my CRB size)…

    1. It’s definitely loose. I wear an 8 in the CRB and have plenty of room in an 8 in the Var-City tank. It isn’t meant to be a form-fitting piece, so I’d err on the smaller side.

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