Run: Speed Short – Fresco Blue


Oh man. Man oh man oh man. Just 4 days ago I was gushing as I instantly placed my order and awaited the FedEx man’s arrival with a new pair of Fresco Blue Speed Shorts.IMG_4330

Houston, we seem to have a #firstworldproblem. I’m not as impressed with the color in real life, and the fit = well, we all know by now that the fit of a new pair of speed shorts is determined by a drunk monkey drawing a pattern nowadays.

IMG_9882COLOR: They just aren’t bright as I wanted them to be. Some fabrics that are screaming neon in real life appear to be a bit muted online, ahem ahem Electric Coral & Clear Mint. Figured the same would be the case with Fresco Blue. Not so much – they’re as muted in real life as they seem to be on screen. Part of me wonders if I’m being over-dramatic. I even pulled out my Fresco Blue Swiftly Tech LS for comparison. The shirt seems bluer. Look left and look closely to see what I’m referring to.

FIT: My official conclusion is that every single color of speed shorts is made in a different factory, with a different pattern. Kind of like chocolate chip cookies. You love them all and from a distance they all look the same, but when you examine them up close, some are bigger or smaller than others.

These seem a bit longer than the Pigment Wave Multi Speeds I bought just 2 weeks ago. Two measly weeks! This is why it’s such a crapshoot to buy Speeds nowadays online. I’m going to cop a line from Forrest Gump on this one: buying speed shorts online is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re going to get.

Survey says: I’m keeping the tags on, as I weigh in over the next week or so if I actually KEEP them.

*cue jeopardy music*

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