Cool Racerback – Heat Wave White Black

The results of Tuesday’s retail rampage are here! In a frenzy between work and CrossFit, it was a quick change and impulse to rip the package open and try something new on. Out came the Heat Wave White Black CRB!

The slanted pattern was more flattering than I expected and off came the tags. Felt a twinge of OVER-buyer’s remorse and was originally considering return it before it was even delivered, as I don’t exactly NEED another CRB. However, a less than exciting reaction to a piece I was really looking forward to (more on that later) made me feel better about the decision to keep this tank.

The fabric isn’t the new Seriously Light Luon that the Heathered Gray recently came out in. It’s the standard light Luon that most CRBs are nowadays.

While on the topic ofย Seriously Light Luon… LULU PLEASE MAKE A PILLOW CASE or else I may do something strange like sleep on that tank. Literally.

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