Lulu Hacks


So… want to get your hands on the best stuff first? Of course you do.
UPLOAD: Lately, the weekly upload of all the goodies in the US happens quite close to (if not exactly at) 7:00p EST every Tuesday. Don’t wait until Wednesday morning. There are a few items that I’ve gotten on a Tuesday night, and 24 hours later they were gone – never to be seen online again.

Are you more of a WMTM shopper?
We Made Too Much – 3 cheers for the sale section! You never know what you’re going to find. However, if you’re going to find it, your best bet is to check around 11:00a EST on Thursdays. In the wee hours of the morning on Thursdays, the database goes wacky and will show a ton of items will all sizes grayed out. Shortly before lunch time, it all gets sorted out and WMTM is ready for you to have at it!

Disappointed that your local store doesn’t carry all the latest gear?
Here’s a tip that I recently picked up from an Educator in my local store. Some stores are just too small to fit the ENTIRE line of current gear, so they don’t always get certain styles when they drop. I was told that if you don’t see something in your local store and end up purchasing online – make sure you’re signed up for that store’s emails. When the weekly one arrives, click through there to the item you’re about to grab before making the purchase. Metrics will then let HQ know that hey… this store’s customers are really into bright colors, tracker shorts, etc. That feedback can then be taken account into future decisions of what gear ships so you can get it into your closet ASAP!

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