HeyLululemon’s What We Love – 5/5/15 Upload


‘Summer’ is finally coming, and next week is going to feature what a ton of lulu lovers have been impatiently waiting for – more colors!

Catch the full post of What We Love here.

The Define Jacket will be dropping in Heathered Magenta. The Iconic Wrap (aka v-neck bed sheet with sleeves) looks to be a front runner for next week’s prize as The Dud.

Oooooh… CRB in Clarity Yellow! For those about to do burpees… don’t wear this top. For those about to look cute, rock it!

Heathered Iris Flower. Liking the color – let’s call it Grape Soda 🙂

Dancing Warrior Tank = so much string!

The latest Swiftly Tech LS is coming in Heathered Jewelled Magenta. I’m a fan of this color, however, the Swiftly Tech LS is not my favorite fabric. That lovely Fresco Blue I got not even 2 weeks ago has 2 pulls in it already. I mean… I know my nails get a little scratchy, but come ON. I’ll keep the Lime Green & Fresco Blue and be moving on from the Swiftly tech line.

The skirt… tennis, anyone?

I’ll be pedaling right past this collection…

Just keep on pedaling… #nothx

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